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Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by CollieMan, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. CollieMan Experienced Member

    Oh look, Fido is wearing a hat. Doesn't he look cute! Oh, Pickles is wearing new boots and a hoodie. Doesn't she look divine?

    Doggy clothing. Harmless accessories, just another way to make money out of dog owners, or downright degrading to the dog, as well as unnecessary? Please note that we're not taking about the standard rain-jackets here.

  2. CollieMan Experienced Member

    I actually get quite angry (or at least as angry as I ever get) when I see dogs dressed up for absolutely no reason other than the vanity and selfishness of the dog owner. It is of no benefit whatsoever for the dog, and, in fact, I would argue could cause harm in some cases, including but not limited to overheating, chaffed skin, and allergies.
  3. Jean Cote Administrator

    It seems to me that the new thing nowadays is to see your dog as part of the family, which leads some people to dress up and treat their dog as if it was their kid. I’m definitely not a fan of dressing up a dog, but I can see how it can be advantageous if the dog is short haired and needs a sweater in the winter.

    Just my opinion. :)
  4. Jean Cote Administrator

    Humans need clothes for warmth and protection. Dogs do not, they have fur. Heck, I'd walk around naked too if I had the same amount of fur as my dogs!! :)
  5. l_l_a New Member

    heheh, actually this time I'm like Bipa and didn't vote because my answer doesn't fit into the categories! :)

    On the one hand, there is cutesy type dog clothing, such as this

    This type of clothing may or may not be functional. Many of them are not, most are just for the amusement of us humans. But some of them are also functional (meaning that they do keep dogs warm on cold days), and I actually would LOVE to get my dog something like that because I think he would look cute in it as well. Well maybe not necessarily in a floral pattern but something cool looking. Unfortunately they don't seem to make a lot of cute-looking clothing for big dogs (mine is a german shepherd), such cutesy clothing seems to only be available for small dogs. maybe that's for the best..... Well my parents did get my dog a denim jacket that was also functional when he was a puppy, and he looked very stylish in it but then he outgrew it. Now the closest I've seen is an imitation air-force bomber jacket that is sized for big dogs. I was so tempted to get one for him, I still might...! (I'm generally not an impulse shopper except when it comes to my dog, which makes my husband roll his eyes, hehe!)

    Then my dog does own a truly functional jacket, these types of jackets are no-frills, like the kind some hunting dogs wear, and look more like horse blankets in general (i.e. boring looking, and not cute). My dog has this one:

    I make him wear it if we are on outdoor excursion in the winter and the temperature is lower than about 5 oF. He has a double coat, but dogs can still get cold if spending a lot of time outdoors in the winter especially if there is windchill. If the dog does not even have a double coat, like many of the short-haired breeds, then they actually DO need to wear coats in the winter if they doing outdoor activities. Examples of such breeds are greyhounds - I know several greyhound owners who exercise their dogs everyday year round, but greyhounds cannot handle even mild winter days outside naked because their coats are so thin, with them the rule of thumb is that if you need a jacket then so does the dog. in the winter I always see them wearing these types of jackets.

    And then hunting dogs wear jackets that have bright reflective orange color, which I guess are for safety since they are around guns a lot!!

    Then there are boots for dogs, like this.

    These are also functional, again for winter if your dog is going on a long hike in the snow, because the snow could compact in between his toes and cause frostbite. I've seen sled dogs and skijoring dogs wearing these boots when working. Or, if hiking in very rough terrain where there are thorns or sharp rocks, these boots are also functional and practical and I've seen people hiking with their dogs in the rugged backcountry where their dogs were wearing these boots.

    My dog doesn't have these boots, but I'm seriously considering them. There was one time when we were hiking in the rugged backcountry he wandered into a patch full of thorns and they got embedded in all of his paw pads at the same time, he didn't yelp, he just simply suddenly stopped walking and refused to move. When I went to remove the thorns they cut my hands quite badly. These thorns were not visible in the tall grass so I didn't see them ahead of time. thus now I would seriously consider making him wear these boots if we are in places where the terrain is very rough.
  6. gardengirl Well-Known Member

    I think, that for the most part, clothing is unnecessary. Some tiny dogs that get cold, maybe. I agree with a previous poster that people are going overboard, treating their dogs like kids. I do think of my dog as part of my family, but I still treat him like a dog. That's being the most respectful to my dog, in my eyes. He lives in the house, and sleeps in my room on a dog bed. He's allowed on the furniture, but not at the table.

    Anyway, I don't see anything wrong with putting a comfortable hat or scarf on a dog. Sometimes that breaks a barrier with strangers and they are less afraid and more likely to want to pet your dog. That's important in socializing and pet therapy. As a handler of many therapy dogs, putting a hat or scarf on the dog gave the patients something to smile about. Then the dog and the patient were happy.
  7. Jean Cote Administrator

    That's a good point you make about strangers seeing your dog as being more socialized when wearing a casual piece of clothing. Never thought about it that way, thanks! :)
  8. bipa New Member

    Nice to see I'm not the only one having trouble picking one of the given choices. I used to think it was harmless fun, until a while back I read about how a dog almost strangled itself when trying to wriggle out of a fancy costume. But like already said, for some situations a sweater or reflective safety vest or booties might be called for. The boots can also protect from road salt in the winter.

    My husband threatened to divorce me if I ever dress up our dogs. At the time I was looking at a cutsie Harley t-shirt. But now I'm seriously considering one particular piece of doggie clothing that I saw on my last trip to Canada. Doggie pyjamas! :doglaugh:

    Yep... saw them at a pet shop in Toronto a little over a year ago. Was amused at the idea, but then we got Bonnie. Jack Russells shed all year round. Since she loves to burrow under the covers and sleep in our bed, that means that after a few days we've got dog hair all over. Putting her in the doggie pyjamas would help control the hair. Of course, getting her to accept wearing the thing might prove a little difficult.
  9. mopar53190 Well-Known Member

    My wife insists the dog wears a sweater when I take her for a walk when it's less than 40 degrees outside. I insist that my wife wears a dog collar then!!! (the dog and I end up sleeping together then!) I really do not like dressing my dog. I never dressed my dogs growing up and they seemed to have a happy life, I do not see a reason to dress my dogs now. It seems like it's a fashionable thing now to dress them, but dogs really could care less about designer clothing and the price of them.
  10. bocephus Experienced Member

    Oh it's time for a rebutle :)

    I must dissagree with that one. When Mr. Rrrufus see's me grab his formal wear he gets excited. When I put it on him it is for no reason other than he looks good. Same reason you or I would like to put on a nice shirt rather to go out even if it is warm outside rather than go without one. It shows in his actions that he indeed enjoys wearing it.His walk becomes more of a strut. We have never felt as if it was vanity or selfish.[IMG]
    As Garden girl pointed out. When we go to say the Shriners Hospital for a visit. The children really get a kick out of it. It shows through their happiness.
    We even had one lady at one of the hospitals knit him a new Bow tie.[IMG]
    And Mr. BOcephus feels best when sporting his Hank Jr. glasses
  11. l_l_a New Member

    what lovely pictures Bocephus! looks like your dog is really strutting his stuff for the crowds! are you and him a performing team?
  12. bocephus Experienced Member

    Most of our performances are at the Shriners Hospital. I started going to the school and letting the first graders read stories to the pup. The children really enjoy that. Mrs. Gradelly (Teacher)says that about an hour before our arrival time the kids really start getting excited. We did do a short fun session at a assembly once. Took three pups and played little games for a short while. Was a very fun time. They made a video of it for me but for the life of me I cannot find it. I hate it when I am asked to make a visit and I have to say no because of work. Almost makes a guy want to quit.
    I do have some video of our Dock performances that are pretty neat. With all four dogs in it. It shows them in a row in the sit stay as I call them randomly to inch forward, go back, switch from sittin in a row to a single file line. Messing with their minds. Then jump off the dock one after the other.
    I did a thing for At&T cellular where I had one pup laying down one sittingpaws down one sitting paws up and one standing on the hind legs. Like their commercials when they simulate their coverage bars. Haven't heard anything.
    Baseically we just have fun!!!
  13. l_l_a New Member

    wow! that's certainly impressive! does each dog have a different command for the same behavior (like sit) so they don't all do the same thing at the same time since you want them to be doing different things, or do they listen for their names to know when the command is for them?
  14. bocephus Experienced Member

    The name.
    I always make sure I call the name and they make eye contact nowing I am talking to them. The hardest part is doing the double. I will say "Okay now "Rrrufus and Loki, then repeat Only RRUFUS and LOKI BO you stay Abby you stay! Rufus and Loki come a little closer. Sometimes they mess up but most of the time they are right on. Before long we will have no slip ups.
    OH and I only train with PRAISE.
    After watching a few conformation events I did not like how all the pups only acted for goodies. They always seemed to be begging for what was in the hand. I suppose having more than one dog makes the Praise more easier as they (mine atleast) want to be the one getting the loving. and they only get it when they get it right.
  15. addictinganimal New Member

    I see no problem with it, really. (Unless it's harming them in some way.) The only time Tank gets anything put on him is in a cold Winter... or his Birthday. Then I like to torture him. :D He really doesn't mind it, though. We don't go out late at night often, but I got him a reflective vest to make him more visible for when we do.

  16. drivingtenacity New Member

    I can see the point in a reflective vest. I've looked for reflectors to put on Zena's harness, because she's so dark colored and a few of the streets we walk on don't have sidewalks.
    I can also understand why a preforming dog needs some sort of costuming, but for the most part, I think dog clothes are silly, especially if the dog doesn't care for them.

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