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Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by CollieMan, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. CollieMan Experienced Member

    Down boy! No, down boy! Awwww, hello boy. Have you missed me? Oh, I've missed you my little sausage....

    Some people love that their dog rushes them at the door, jumps up at them, and covers them in kisses, the moment they return from work. Others, like me, don't like it at all and ignore their dog until it is completely calm.

    So, which are you?

  2. Jean Cote Administrator

    Depends how I feel, after a long day at work I might not even pet them when I come home. Other times I'll play with them, so they're pretty cleaver in noticing how I'm feeling :)
  3. bipa New Member

    It's a real struggle, but I'm working on having my dogs sit nicely before they get greeted at the door. The issue for me is the possibility of having elderly people using canes being knocked over by over-enthusiastic welcomes. So I will give them the sit command and wait for it before touching them. Of course, as soon as I kneel down then it is game over. :dogwink:
  4. CollieMan Experienced Member

    That's essentially why I do what I do too. My Mother-in-law has cancer and so the last thing she needs is to have a dog bounding around as soon as we come in the door on her visits.
  5. bocephus Experienced Member

    Welcome home

    These are fun little topics I wish I had the time to respond to all of them.
    But this one I had to!!

    If I do not take the pups with me The greeting I get when I arrive back at home is quit humerous :)
    My porch is a 30'x14' covered wood deck with 3' solid railing around it. So you only see the pups when they put their paws up on the rail.
    My daughter says about 5 minutes before I reach the driveway (No matter if 12pm or 4pm never home at same time) the pups know I am nearly there and get excited. I can see all 8paws and 4 heads when I pull up the drive. Then it begins looking like their having tryouts for the circus as I start seeing them bounce up and down throwing in the excited side twists and happy"Welcome home Dad" barks.
    Main rule in the house is: Don't do it if you don't like it!!
    Didn't take long and they didn't like noone jumping on them :) although they don't mind the licking I still don't allow much of it.
    So as I approach the gate it sounds as if a size 8 earthquake is happening with them running, jumping, and bouncing on the wood deck. As I open the gate everything suddenly stops!! There they sit in line awaiting my next move. I know them real well(Almost as well as they do me:) They sit there waiting for me to either,
    1) swing the gate open and
    a)we run across the drive and play in the field
    b) yell "LOAD UP" then jump in the truck
    2) Ask for some lovin and prepare for the attack!!
    3) Say "I'm tired guys" which they do not like very much because it means a boring rest of the day.
    But I have to say, They know exactly the mood I am in. and love me wether they get to go to the river and play, or get stuck at home. I believe their ability to read me the way they can comes mostly from the fact I talk to them as if they are my human friend and treat them each as if they were my equal. Okay almost equal, I do get more perks than they do. Like eat at the table and able to reach over the gate and reach the latch.
    Well seems as if I rambled a little off topic didn't I
    In short I must say I totally enjoy and look forward to my greetings when I get home!!!
  6. Jean Cote Administrator

    LOL !!! I'd like to see that :dogsmile:

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