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The Lundehund breed of dog has 6 toes on each foot, including two dewclaws, can close its ears, and has joints in the nape of its neck, which other dogs do not have, which means it can turn its head at 180 degree angle.

Jean Cote

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Are you talking about the Norwegian Lundehund?

Looks like a husky to me! :) Except much smaller...

The Norwegian Lundehund's Physical Characteristics
Here are some of the characteristics of the Norwegian Lundehund breed as determined by the Norwegian Lundehund Association of America's published breed standard.

Size: male 14 - 15 1/2 inches, females 12 3/4 inches - 14 inches
Coat: undercoat: dense, rough, soft; short on head and front of legs; abundant at neck, thighs, and on the tail.
Color: combined with white: red to fawn; black, grey, and white with dark patches
Eyes: sloping, yellowish-brown
Ears: triangular, mid-size, broad-based
Muzzle: wedge-shaped, mid-length, nasal bridge is slightly convex
Tail: set high, mid-length, well covered with hair

Jean Cote

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Quote from another website about the breed: LOL :)

The Norwegian Lundehund dog breed is one of the most "primitive" breeds. Therefore it is as stubborn as it can get and obstinate with a mind of its own.