Click- sit- treat...:S


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I have one little problem on our trainings, that I can't solve...
When Pami hears the click, she sits down immediately, becouse her previous owner only gave her treats, if she sat down.
How can I stop this?
I think this is why I can't teach her to stand, becouse she sits down...:dogunsure:

Jean Cote

Staff member
The click is used to pinpoint the proper behavior, and it means that whatever she was doing at the time of the click is what earns her a treat. The click also ends the behavior, so if she wants to sit down it's no problem.

If you are teaching her to stand up, make sure that you click while she is standing up, for a second or two. Or you could always place the treat 4 inches in front of her nose so she will have to get up to get it :)