Clever dogs from the past


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This is definaitly a must see video for those of us that appriciate well trained dogs. Its pretty old so not at clear as modern video, but great to watch. The Australian Shepherds featured are in many Australian Shepherd pedigrees as they are part of the foundation of the breed when it first started to be registered. This film is probabaly from the 60's to early 70's before clicker training. Incedently it was seeing this man and his dogs on TV when I was a kid that the dream of my owning an Aussie came about. Back then though I could not find them in any of my dog books as they were not a recognised canine registered breed but a popular stockdog. Check out the Greyhound too, if people realized there was much more to them than just racedogs perhaps more would be pets.
If you like this one check out his second on too.


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Yep that was me. Its absolutely awesome its going around our dog schools at the moment as everyone keeps on telling everyone else LOL
Danni and the girls