chron's disease


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hi all, long time no see,

well we have a new addition to our household another new pug, his name is bacon (we were dearly missing our two pugs that passed away and luka was the only pug he felt lonely even with all the rest of our brood)he is 5years old and has chrons disease,

we have him on his old diet that he came with, (we've only just got him he came yesterday)
and it works great for him, no messes inside and happy and healthy for the most part so far, hes been on the diet with his old owners for 2years, but they had to rehome him as there 3year old child would drop food for him as he's a great begger (typical pug) and he would get sick quite often so they wanted a home where he was going to stay healthy, they didnt want to give him up but it was better for him to go, (and they can visit him anytime they want which pleases them no end)

but i was just wondering if anyone else has had this in one of thier doggy friends, or if any one knows what kind of treats you could give him without upsetting his stomach, all we basically have been given is his diet and a list of things he cant eat cause they will inflame his digestive tract

any help would be great thanks:dogbiggrin:


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I can't say that I am familiar with this disease in any way, although I have heard of it.
Congrats on the new addition, and good luck finding treats that are easy on his tummy. :) Fish and venison are both easy on the tummy, but I'm not sure for a dog with Crohn's disease.