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yay..! A site where I can tell everyone how much I love my staffy Chopper!!
I've had him 5 years now and can't imagine what I ever did without him.. He's my constant shadow and I take him everywhere I go. (Luckily my friends love him too!)
He loves learning tricks and knows "Bang" - hold fingers like a gun and he'll play dead, "say please" - he'll bow and hold till you release, "speak" - big or small (different hand signals), "mine" and he'll drop any toy, bone etc, back away and sit. (even a child can tell him this one, one of the first things I taught him) and all the basic sit, drop, stay, shake and come.
He has a beautiful nature and is so gentle for his size, but i struggle with his aggression towards other bigger dogs- if they bark or growl at him he becomes quite aggressive back- difficult as we live on the beach and so many people have their dogs off the leash and absolutely no control over them...
Any staffy or big dog owners with any tips I would love to hear them...?
:dogsmile:Karissa And Chopper


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Welcome ^___^

Sorry, I can't help you with your dog....I own a Border Collie, and she is very nice with other dogs...Perhaps if oyu made him associate other dogs with something good, or maybe keeping his attention away from the dogs with a treat he likes? That way he wouldn't have to see the dogs, and if he is paying attention to you it is easier to control him....But I'm not sure.