Choose a rough collie!



:dogsmile:I've owned a rough collie for almost three years now, and i can say that they are the best dog breed to have! after seeing labs, terriers, border collies, leonbergers, dals, and all the others collies come out on top! My collie lives outside in the day and doesn't mind one little bit, he comes in at night after his walk and settles right down beside you. He learnt to sit, lie down and give you his paw in less than an hour and is really sensitive to your body language- which makes you feel really close to him. Plus, collies have 0% agression- if you get one from a reputable breeder, they love children and all other dogs, cats - anything! you can trust them 100% and they ask for very little. Even if i forget to take my dog for a walk he won't be destructive, loud, or go to the toilet in the house. Personally i think that the film lassy really does sum these dogs right up! They're so loyal but without the agression- unless you really are in danger, in which case they would die to protect you.


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Well, in the defense of these other dogs, it really depends on the owner. ^^ And as far as no aggression, again, depends on the owner. =) I've seen collies in rescues that were in poor homes that were aggressive in some manner. And I've seen some that came from good stock, but were not raised well and were aggressive in some manner...just had to state my case. =)
BUT, I like Collies. ^^ I've only known a few, but they were all great dogs. A friend of mine has a gorgeous sable Collie, and he's a big sweetheart. Another friend of mine has a tri-color whose idiot owner cut her ears so that my friend couldn't show her(she wasn't going to anyway!). I was furious when I heard about this, and of course my friend didn't know the former owner was going to do this. Poor baby...but she's a doll, and a wonderful pet. And what a beauty! =)

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I am very partial......but, I think Shelties are one the smartest breeds I have handled. I've owned dogs all my life and I admit I haven't put as much time and training in them as I have my Sheltie, but, I have been VERY impressed as to how quick she learns. It's really amazing to actually watch her little brain work and how happy she is when she understands what I'm asking of her. She's ALWAYS willing to learn something new. VERY INTELLIGENT BREED!!