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Discussion in 'Meet the Dogs' started by rae134, Oct 11, 2013.

  1. rae134 Active Member

    Hi! my name is Chilli and my father was a Belgian Shepherd with a beautiful long black coat and my mother was a silver/grey Husky. She was on the small side for that breed so I don't know if I'll take more after her or my father in size (but going by how big my paws are I think I'll be BIG!), so far I look just like a Husky except for my face which looks Shepherd (my new Mummy loves my Husky ears).

    I've only been with my new family a week and I was very shy the first few days but I'm slowly showing my cheeky Husky side :D

    I love my new soft squeaky toys (I prefer them over my harder ones) and I love my new Kitty sister and just want to play with her (although Mum says I want to play too rough and when I bark at her that's why hisses at me).

    Today I've discovered that playing in my waterbowl is the most fun ever! But then I don't have water to drink so Mummy has to buy me a little doggy pool to play in.

    I've been spoilt rotten, I have my own doggy house outside with matching accessories but even though Daddy said "NO DOGS IN THE HOUSE" what he really meant was "puppies only go outside to toilet" :) And when he said " NO DOGS IN THE BEDROOM AT ALL" he meant "as long as puppy is in his crate he can sleep in the bedroom" (And he said Mum would be the soft one :p)

    This is me when I was really little (I still hadn't opened my eyes yet!)
    Chilli 1 week sml.jpg

    This is my at 5 Weeks
    Chilli 5 weeks 1 sml.jpg

    This is me at 6 weeks (aren't I cute with one ear up and the other folded :p)
    Chilli 6 weeks 1 sml.jpg Chilli 6 weeks 2 sml.jpg

    And this is me when I first came home at 8 weeks
    Chilli 8 weeks 1 sml.jpg Chilli 8 weeks 3 sml.jpg Chilli 8 weeks sml.jpg Chilli 8 weeks 4 sml.jpg

    And this is my new outside dog house, it comes with a little matching storage box that Mum puts goodies in, a watter bow that I can't tip over (or play in like my others) and the bed looking thing is my patio that goes in front of my house door. (Its near my Parents bedroom window so they can hear me at night but I've got Daddy wrapped around my little paw and I'm allowed in my crate in their bedroom)
    Chillis new house 1 sml.jpg

    Mum only works 2 days a week and I howled like a little wolf when she left me alone outside but I think I will get better as Mummy and Daddy have been playing with me more outside and Mum gives me pigs ears when I'm outside and OMG I would do anything for a pig snout or ear! So that is my treat when she leaves me alone (it does keep me quite for a while as I can't chew and howl at the same time :D).
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  2. rae134 Active Member

    just a couple of short videos of me playing :)

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  3. Mutt Experienced Member

    Chili looks like a sweetheart.
    Funny she is half Groenendaeler as they are quite rare in the States I believe :) From her coat color I would have guessed Malinois (an other Belgium shepherd variety).

    I don't know how the weather conditions are where you live, but a small tip: make sure that the wind/rain can't get in the dog house. Best is to have a 'wall' seperate the place were the dog lies and the entrance, like this:

    Leaving your dog alone can be taught best in small steps (starting with just five minutes) and some distraction is always a good thing (make sure it isn't dangerous ;))

    Have fun with Chili (they grow up so fast!) and welcome to the forum of course. We all love to read/see more of your dog.
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  4. MaryK Honored Member

    Hi Chilli, Leaf here welcome to D.T.A. You really are a very cute little girl, I'd love to come and play with you, as although I'm a little bit older, I'm still a puppy and love to play.:D Those pesky cats, I have the same problem, they just don't want to play do they:rolleyes:

    So pleased you've got Daddy under your paw, it really does pay dividends to get them well trained from the start!

    Do join in, everyone here is very friendly, the humans that is, and we dogs have a ball. You're a very good writer too(y)
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  5. rae134 Active Member

    Thanks Mutt. His granddad was a Malinoi so I guess that's where he gets the black mask from but he's pretty much Husky from there on :) And boy do they grow fast! I took him to puppy school at the vets and back 2 days later for his 2nd shots and the vet nurse said he'd grown heaps in 2 days.

    Hi MaryK and Leaf, Chilli would love to play with you guys but you'd have to come up to the Gold Coast as I get car sick :) We both think you are a very good writer too Leaf, and thanks for the welcome :D
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  6. MissyBC Experienced Member

    Welcome to the Dog Trick Academy forum, rae134 and Chilli!

    Regarding Chilli getting car sick: Missy -- my 3 year old Border Collie, got car sick too when she was little, but I kept taking her on little car trips and now she can ride in the car for up to 5 hours or more -- even on a full tummy - but i wouldn't suggest a full tummy at first! :) It just takes time getting used to and lots of small trips at first - on an empty tummy to start with, of course!
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  7. rae134 Active Member

    Thanks MissyBC, Chilli's dad used to get car sick when he was a pup but grew out of it. He is getting better. I was told he always thew up when he was in the car (to and from vets) but when I brought him home he was very frothy but not physically sick, now when we are in the car his mouth just gets a little moist and I make sure the air con is on full blast which seems to help. He also just does a little whimper when he first gets in (not the big wolf howls when I first bought him home :D)
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  8. MaryK Honored Member

    Hi Chilli, sorry for the delay in replying but Mom's computer has been very sick. (Maybe it got car sick too).

    We'd love to come up to the Gold Coast for a play. And btw I don't like traveling in the back seat at all, makes me feel a bit queasy. My fav spot is on Mom's lap in the front, that way I can see everything and also keep an eye on Daddy to make sure he's not doing anything naughty, like speeding!;)

    Thank you for the compliment on my writing, Mom taught me to write:giggle:

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