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Holly is an extreme chewer.

She has chew toys but I'm starting to worry about the amount of plastic she eats (she chews bits of plastic off the toy). She has a kong but is only interested in it while it has food in it (she chewed a bit off the small red classic kong so now has a medium black extreme kong, I pack the food in tight and freeze it).

In the evening she has to have either a kong or a chew stick thing (I think they are raw hide or something) which will entertain her for 30 to 60 minutes before it is all eaten, and I just bought her a bag of lamb ears which last her about 30 minutes. But during the day she has to chew her toys (I can't let her constantly have edible chews or she will get fat),
she has chewed all her plastic toys so they are too small for her to have now so I need to get new ones.

What do you recomend that she can chew and either the plastic will not come off or it will be safe.

Also, I saw some deer antler chew toys at the petshop the other day and I've looked them up on the internet and they seem to be safe but I was wondering if anyone else has given these to their dogs and is it really safe for her to chew/eat?

I don't think this was the brand I saw but they are like this:

Thank you


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Deer antlers??? Yes, they're AWESOME!!!! They last for a long time (Shivon has had hers since Christmas:ROFLMAO: ) and they don't splinter or chip. There's bone marrow inside, which is healthy for dogs. I'm not sure if they're good for puppies....


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She's 7 and a half months old and has all her adult teeth, she's a small dog so I think she is fully grown now.


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I've been to the petshop and got her a Ziwipeak deer antler, she's already chewing it.
I also got her a nylabone double action chew, it's bacon flavoured. The girl at the petshop said it shouldn't matter if she eats the plastic on that one and it's really hard so it should be ok.
When we got home she chose to chew the antler :) is was an expensive trip to the petshop for only two items so hopefully they do last.
They also said we could try getting a tyre for her from the dump, she shouldn't be able to eat it but I don't know if I like the idea incase she does get a piece off.

It was pretty funny at the petshop actually because Holly stayed in the car so when I went in and said I had an extreme chewer they started to show me the big dog toys, so I had to tell them that the big toys would not even fit in her mouth, so we went to the medium toys and I said they would still be a bit big, she only weighs just over 5kgs :ROFLMAO: the look I got when I said she is a 7.5 months old pug cross was pretty funny and most of the toys they mentioned she has already had and chewed bits off of :eek: