Chewing walls and skirting boards!


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My dog Harry is 17 months old and he occasionally likes to chew walls and skirting boards! He doesn't do it as much as he did when he was a pup but he still has a go when he can! I'm trying to find an answer to this issue and a solution!

Harry gets two or three off lead walks a day so he gets plenty of exercise. He does like sticks so maybe it's just something he likes to do. However, we don't really want to replace our skirting boards again.

We thought it might be boredom even though he has plenty of stimulation every day. We do leave him the kitchen/diner while we are out so maybe he's bored of the same four walls. We have started to leave him in the lounge as well as the kitchen/diner but i worry he'll chew the TV wires. Maybe I'm just paranoid!

Anybody got any ideas/advice?




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Hi Clare,

I'm new to this site, last thing I want to do is rub someone the wrong way (I'm sure you know what I mean). My 2cents without insult, crate/stuffed kong/nylabone/bitter apple spray/work (meaning make him work-mental stimulation).

Harry looks like one who loves challenges, a very smart dog.


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I would crate him so he doesn't have a chance to practice the behaviour when you're not looking. :)

Does he have kongs or brain toys to play with during the day?


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He has the lot - toys, bones and a kong toy. We've tried almost everything but not the crate. I guess i just worry i don't want to cause him distress as he's never been in one... Think it's worth a try if i want him to stop chewing. when do puppies stop teething? i'm also hoping he is going through a phase.


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I would echo the above - a crate is needed here. It won't be any more stressful for him than having you come home and being less than happy at having lost another skirting board or wall. :)

If you introduce the crate carefully, there should be no stress involved, as, I presume, he's already used to being left alone, and that is often the hardest part.

Jean Cote

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Well, you have to treat it like any other bad behaviors. You have to catch your dog doing it in the act, and then to let him know that it's not appropriate. My border collie did that a few times, caught her licking and grinding my wooden bed. I caught her twice and she has never touched it since.

What I did was say "ARRRHHG"! in a growly voice to startle her and give her a little shake of the scruff. Nothing to hurt her, just to give her a clear message that this was not an appropriate behavior to do.

Best thing to do is to set up scenarios where you think your dog will do it, so that you can catch him in the act. Pretend like you are busy and keep an eye on your dog, sneak up to see if he's eating your wood and do the same thing as above.

Don't stay mad at the dog or anything, after a minute or so just call the dog to you and start playing. :)

.. And if he does this on his own, while you are not at home, you will definitely need a crate. Because it will eliminate any opportunities your dog has to get to it and chew on your wood.