Chewing Skiriting Boards


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Hi - I have a 5 month old male maltese shih tzu cross and he is chewing the skirting board corners and do not know what to do - Can anyone help me with a solution to stop this behavour - Thanks in advance, Brighid:msnsad: :msngrin:


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Skirting boards like base boards along wall/floor in the US??? Or skirting as in outside siding on the house? When is he doing it? If it's inside during the day I suggest a crate for a max of 3 hours maybe 4 occasionally. I still crate my 1 yo when I leave and she hasn't destroyed a single thing. Full access to the house or yard unsupervised all day may lead to boredom, frustration, and anxiety. Be sure there are enough safe chewie toys and maybe leave a kong full of frozen goodies to occupy him in his crate.

He also needs to be getting at least two good long walks a day at least 30 minutes or until he's tired and satisfied. Consider a dog walker or doggie day care 1-2 days a week if you can't provide a mid day break. If you are there the dog should be crated when you can't watch 100% and preempt chewing. If he goes to chew a gentle ahh and give a dog chewie, when he accepts it GOOD brilliant boy. Play with him a little. Reward what you DO want and set him up to succeed.

Teaching tricks and training is also very important. If you don't exercise, mentally challenge, get the dog out of the house/yard every day they are going to get bored. At 5 months there is no way I would leave an uncrated puppy in my house. If they get destructive nobody is there to guide them in the right direction. When puppies guess you often won't like what they guess to entertain themselves. I don't think outside at that age unsupervised is safe either.