Chase's Birthday


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It's a bit late for this thread, Chase's Bday was May 19. Okay so for those who don't know me and my family have had Chase since he was 6 weeks old. The pics. from when he was a pup are still on undeveloped film somewhere. I was 1 or 2 when my family got Chase so I grew up with him.
2 years ago (Chase 15yrs)

12 years ago (chase was 4)

Chase 15yrs.

umm. 15 or 16

Chase 8 yrs. old

This year (16)

go to the link above to see more pics. I'll add a video of chase in a creek later.


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Happy Belated Birthday Chase! Wow impressive, distinguished 17 year old oops 'young' man about town, with a touch of very flattering silver, just to add that special look.:love:

Please give Chase a HUGE hug from me and of course, something very special in the treat line:D:love: