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    Hi Everyone. My name is Lyn and this is Chappel. he is a 2 yrold Tri Border Collie. We have been training since he was 7 weeks. he has a variety of tricks but my goal for his was to do obedience. That has now slapped me in the face with him being flatterned in the ring during stays by another dog. So my aim now is to rebuild his confidence.
    We are from New Zealand
    I have 4 dogs
    An SPCA special, Murfy, 11 yrs old
    Tip, a heading dog X greyhound, 8 yrs. I have worked him up to the top level of obedience here
    Merlot, Golden retriever 7 yrs. he did obedience but didnt enjoy it so now he does agility. IMG_3237E 2 (2).jpg

  2. dukey_boy Well-Known Member

    Hello and welcome to the forum! All your dogs are beautiful, but I have to admit, Tip is just striking!
  3. running_dog Honored Member

    Hi and welcome to DTA :)
    Your dogs are lovely and it's nice to see such an assortment of types in one home :cool:
    That's really tough for you and Chappel. But you've got a good chance that Chappel will get his confidence back because bad experiences can be over written - it's much harder to deal with genetic based fears and reactivity. How are you working with him to rebuild his confidence?

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