Challenging my dog


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Hi all,

My dog is extremely intelligent and we desperately need some new tricks that require a little more brain power. Right now I am working on turning the lights on and off. Any other ideas please let me know.

Jamie and Taffy


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how about differential targeting?? rally-o or agility? there are a lot of dogs that enjoy learning to put up their toys in a basket or moving tennis balls from one basket to another. some breeds are suited more to the moving balls tasks like herders. but almost any dog can be challenged and have fun doing things with their toys like cleaning up. it's easier for them to get that toy under the couch to. :doglaugh:

Rally-o is great fun and if you have a very clever dog as you describe it would be very engaging and rewarding for both of you.


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What does he know? I too ran into this issue, which is why I joined the site! :)

As Snooks suggested, active tasks are best. Leg weaving, getting their leash, getting a drink from the fridge or cooler, getting the mail(if your dog is tall, I really like this trick--teach them to go to your mailbox, stand on hind legs to open the door, grab the mail, close the mailbox, and bring it to you--if you have a small mailbox on your house rather than at the road, this is a bit more complicated), tricks that are in steps....

For example, stop-drop-and-roll is a fun one. Mud and I have recently started considering visiting schools to help with fire safety. A few teachers I know have asked us and we're not sure yet but probably will. (The command I use is "What do you do when you're on fire??")

Or, a dramatic dying sequence---BANG!-limp, BANG BANG!-down and crawl, BANG BANG BANG!-roll onto back. Very cute. ^^

I highly recommend the book "101 Dog Tricks" by Kyra Sundance and Chaucy. It has the basics, but also has a wide variety of creative advanced tricks.

Although it's a basic trick, Mud learned a new one for Halloween---I tell her "Boo!" and she lays down and covers her face. I had skipped over this one in her early training and thought of associating it with this command just recently, and it's actually one of my faves. ^^

Backwards weaving, backwards heeling, Easter egg hunting, get creative! There are many tricks out there. Good luck and enjoy!