CGC test


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:dogbiggrin:Dakota passed his CGC test today I was so proud of him he was perfect despite the fact that a couple of other dogs in the test kept barking and growling at him :dogbiggrin:

Jean Cote

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Congratulations!!!! When other dogs bark or growl at him keep praising him. They're giving you distractions so that you can train your dog to ignore them. I used to hate it until I realized that - and it's also fun to see your dog out-perform other dogs hehe.

But on the other end of the spectrum, Onyx was always a pain in the ### while training off leash with other dogs around. I'd have to spend 100% attention on her otherwise that little bit of freedom would get her to do a puppy burn.

In the end - everyone gotta train to the level their dog is at. :)


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Dakotamom, congratulations!! and it sounds like Dakota not only passed the CGC test, but did really well too!

We took (and passed) the CGC test twice (under different evaluators). The second time was because we were in a class where other people hadn't taken it yet and were doing so, and they talked us into doing it again just for kicks (but I considered it a 're-test" or "re-certification" hehe!). However, prior to passing it, we had taken it another time and failed because my dog whined and cried some during the "supervised separation" (even though he quickly settled down and was quiet and still for the remainder of the separation) and that particular evaluator said she automatically fails any dog who whines even the slightest! "I don't allow any crying" is what she said. sheesh...what is her day-job - kindergarten teacher? :)

congrats again!!:dogsmile:


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Congrats to you and Dakota! :)

I thought Charlie would fail his supervised seperation, but the judge didn't mind - he hadn't whined or pulled on the leash, and since it was outside she wasn't looking for indoor good manners... he spent the entire test sitting on a picnic table so that he could watch me over the top of the bushes :D


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having taken the CGC test three times (failed once, passed the other two times), all under different evaluators and in different environments and testing conditions, there's a lot of variability in the test, the evaluators have a lot of room to conduct the test according to their personal preferences.

Two of the evaluators gave my dog commands during the supervised separation (they said they wanted to see if he would listen to instructions from other people not just the owner, or if he was not so upset at my leaving that he couldn't obey commands from other people), and thus he didn't whine or cry with them since they were giving him something to do besides watching me disappear. But another evaluator just took his leash and ignored him so he was staring at me walking away and disappearing and he whined, and then of course we failed (if you fail one exercise you fail the whole test). there were a lot of other variations in the other exercises too.


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Congratulations, Dakota and Mom. That's quite an accomplishment and the fact that Dakota did it with distractions just proves he deserves it. Celebrate!