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  1. 648117 Honored Member

    Holly and our cat (Grace) are great friends (well, they actually have a bit of a love-hate relationship) and play with each other most days. They chase each other and pounce on each other etc, it is really lovely to watch.

    Anyway, I managed to grab the camera today and got a little bit of the play on film, but by the time I had got the camera the chasing had finished but it's still funny to watch.

    So, here's Holly and Grace (look under the bed and you will see Holly eyeing Grace who has stolen her cardboard roll).

    Please excuse the mess on the floor, Holly has been de-stuffing her fish toy and making wood chips :cautious:

    It would be great to hear about other peoples cats and how they interact with their dogs..... please share
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  2. MaryK Honored Member

    LOVED the vid!:love: So cute and thanks for the share!:love::D Is Holly bigger or smaller than Grace? They look 'well matched' size wise an even playing field.:D

    Love Holly's attempts at a fish and chip dinner - very creative!!!!!!!!!!!!:LOL:

    I can share with my two cats and dogs:)

    First we have HRH Sylvannia Faery Kitten who is NOT amused if dogs (Read in all cases here Ra Kismet) mess up her fur, sit on HER chair (which can be any chair she's sitting on, they're all HER chairs) but doesn't mind either Zeus or Ra Kismet provided they know their place - under her paw! Zeus is so easy going, having been trained by my late beloved Buddha in correct cattiquette, that he and Sylvannia are good friends. Ra Kismet still hasn't as yet read the entire, very lengthy I think, manual written by HRH on 'How to Treat a Cat, especially one who considers herself Queen of the household. So Ra Kismet and HRH have a love/hate relationship. She will permit him to lay beside her on the sofa, very generous of her considering she can take up three quarters of it, whilst Ra Kismet has to curl into a small ball to fit on the remaining space. And will permit a quiet sleep together on my bed, but that's about all. Any attempts at play, and she says a few very impolite words (especially for a Queen) which translated into human speak read (heavily edited of course) "GET AWAY YOU ROUGH YOUNG LUNK OF A DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Accompanied by a VERY pained and disgusted look, usually directed at me!

    Maeve is another matter. She's something of a femme fatale (sorry no acutes on this keyboard) and will tease Ra Kismet like crazy. It's all kissy kissy, wash your ears gotta have clean ears, licky licks then WHAM one claw goes straight into the poor chaps dewlip! Which does make him a bit annoyed at times and I have to break up the ensuing stoush:eek: I hasten to add these arguments have never seen either combatant harmed in anyway - just I do at times collect a few scratches!:eek: But then again, dogs are really good at playing chase and so too is Maeve. So they do have many a good game of chase around the house (both cats are inside cats), which can result in a few things getting knocked over. I have to become the Fun Police and put a stop to it while there's still a house left standing!

    Then there are the moments of intense excitement on Ra Kismet's side when he just HAS to tell Maeve he's going for a walk or training. This means, jump up on top of her, which she is not too partial too, and much bouncing around. Result of which Maeve generally belays for cover, sometimes with Ra Kismet in hot pursuit!:eek: Once more, no one is hurt in these encounters and both wear the silliest of grins if I attempt to intervene. I swear a lot is done just to 'get Mom going"!:oops::rolleyes::eek:
    Zeus just sits or lays there watching the action. Both cats adore him, he's such a gentleman and knows how to behave around cats.:love:(y)
  3. Adrianna & Calvin Experienced Member

    Love the video!

    Calvin loves cats and kittens, and will play with cats like Holly will. Unfortunately, my cat Dillon does not love dogs and is quick with a slap if Calvin gets too close. He keeps his claws in, at least. Calvin still tries to solicit play (bowing, bouncing around) but Dillon is not to be convinced. You can see his disdain! Dill Despising Cal2.jpg

    They have napped together a little bit, when Dillon's already there, won't give up his spot, and Calvin tries to squeeze close:
    Dill & Cal in Bed2.jpg

    This usually only happens when I'm there and Calvin feels protected from Dillon, and also because they are both want to be close to me and are too stubborn to give up because of the other one. Dill knows that He Who Slaps gets kicked off the bed, so he'll restrain himself.
  4. rouen Experienced Member

    Dingo is obsessed with cats, he usually doesn't chase adults but kittens that dont know not to run will make him chase. He has a healthy respect for their claws though. With HaTuna Matata he basically stalks her, wherever she goes her yellow friend is surely a step or two behind her. When she gets fed up with this she'll hiss at him, which usually makes him follow two or three steps behind. Aside from Tuna randomly smacking him they dont play. It's probably a good thing though because Tuna gets mean when she plays, and Dingo plays full contact like a lab.
    Dasy doesn't understand cats, or why they're allowed to jump on stuff like the fireplace mantle. She also doesn't know how to approach cats and Tuna doesn't fully trust her. Oddly enough she's much better with kittens.
    The kittens in the video were ferals we caught living under a vacant building. Prior to us catching them they had little human interaction and no dog skills, that video was taken about 3 days after we caught them. Two went to a home with a lab/pyr mix.
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  5. 648117 Honored Member

    Thank you, they are very well matched. Grace weighs about 5kgs and Holly about 6 and a half, so not too much difference. But because Grace is a cat she is more slender and when they stand next to each other Grace is a little taller than Holly at the shoulders.
    Grace is about 6 years old, she turned up on our doorstep at christmas nearly 5 years ago and the vet thought she was about a year old but she has never been afraid of any dogs so I guess she might have lived with one as a kitten.
    We also have three other cats:
    Lager (brown tabby) is my brothers cat and he sleeps in his room all day and then goes out at night, he's a massive cat who likes to catch massive rats and prefers avoiding Holly. He is bigger than Holly (probably by over a kg, but it depends on the season).
    Acorn (pure grey cat) is 17 years old and lives upstairs (we have a baby gate so Holly never goes up there), she doesn't like dogs and has dementia now so she goes outside for 5 mins in the evening, then wants back in, then 5 mins later wants back out etc untill it's bed time and she meows during the day for no reason (she sees the vet regularly and nothing can be done). Acorn is smaller than Holly.
    Tilly is a big fluffy black and white cat. She will sleep next to Holly but Holly wont get on a chair/dog bed if Tilly is already asleep on it. Holly cleans Tilly's ears for her (it makes the worst sound ever). Tilly will give Holly a slap if she is being to annoying but that's not very often. And Holly doesn't like it if Tilly sits on my knee because I'm Holly's but Tilly can sit on everyone else. Tilly is also bigger than Holly and weighs over 7kgs.

    It took Grace a while to decide that Holly could be her play mate, when Holly was little Grace didn't really like her. I don't know if they would play so much if Holly was a bigger dog though.

    I took this video of Holly and Grace about 2 hours after the first one, there is even more stuffing on the carpet as well :cautious:, this time Holly really wants to play but she goes a bit far.

    ETA: Grace is sitting on the the end of the cat tunnel that Holly removed the cardboard ends from
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  6. MaryK Honored Member

    I thought Grace and Holly were well matched! LOL love the vid and ooops Holly did go a bit too far:D

    Your other cats all sound so lovely too:love: Thank you for the share:D

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