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Discussion in 'Dog Breeds' started by bigboytex, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. bigboytex New Member

    Any body out there got a Catahoula or know anything about them. Info Is pretty hard to find.

  2. missouri gal New Member

    My oh, My!!! Do I!!! I have one currently "Dixie"---and just lost her brother and my soul mate "Gus"! What do you want to know??? I can fill a book probably!!! Are you wanting one for a specific purpose or want a breeder or just want info?? We got ours to help round up and work cattle--they can be used for scenting hogs, cattle out of the brush --Louisiana, Ark, Tx mostly--They are the Louisiana State Dog!! Actual name is Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog --they have a registered organization that you may go to a website and learn alot about them! Since they are "air/wind scenting" type of dogs, they can be trained to also hunt raccoons (did this alot when I was a "pup"!), search and rescue, therapy, agility, you name it, they can do it!! They can be awesome with children and very protective of their families and land! They are usually hunted in 3's so one dog can keep the hog/cow busy, while the other 2 can come from behind! It is neat to watch them work! We just were getting ours trained really well, when we lost our boy Gus---my guy wouldn't let me neuter him, so when he went wandering off to find a sweetie, he was hit by a car!!! Note: please spay/neuter unless you plan to breed champion dogs so you do not go through the devastation of losing your pet like that! I work for a vet and it was still too late!! Talk about feeling helpless!!
    Anyway..... website is:

    Don is one of the founding members of the National Association of Louisiana Catahoulas, Inc if I'm not mistaken!

    Another fun web site to go to is: (Only for the serious ones..some of their graphics on hog hunting some of you may not like--but, I found it very informative and exciting--of course, I'm not your "normal" cowgirl either--not much grosses me out or makes me angry and I guess I may have an odd sense of humor as well!!!)
  3. l_l_a New Member

    wow you certainly got your question answered Bigboytex! :)

    Until a few months ago I had never even heard of them, then for some reason now at the dog park I have seen several. I wonder if a breed rescue group just formed in my area....! Just last week we were in the dog park and because it was snowing and really cold we were the only ones there, until another dog and owner showed up, and the dog was a Catahoula Leopard Dog! to be more specific it was a puppy, extremely cute, and extremely brave, she was chasing a plastic bag that was blowing in the wind inside the dog park!! She was climbing all over my dog trying to steal his tennis ball :)

    BTW, is the word "Dog" officially part of the breed name (as far as AKC registry goes)? I thought I read that the German shepherd dog is the only breed to have the word "Dog" as part of its official name, maybe now there's two breeds?
  4. missouri gal New Member

    What a way for us to be bringing inthe NEW YEAR!!! Yeah for US!!
    Now, you had me wonderin' because I couldn't, I went to and typed catahoula into the search and realized it is noted as Catahoula Leopard Dog!! You were right!!
    BTW--Dixie is a black and amnt of white on a few toes, but Gus was what they call blue leopard with one blue eye and one green--no foolin'---gorgeous!! His body color was grey with black, tan and white spots--4 white legs and a white chest with a white tip on his tail!! He was what they called 4 colored (which is not all that common--usually only see 2 or 3 colors!) My cowboy sweetheart had one when he was only in his teens that was deaf because he was predominantly white--it is common with the breed in white dogs-- and he was the best darn cattle dog--but, he would only work for him...noone, when he went off to college, the dog quit working! Just shows how loyal they are!

    Funny story about the little Cat pup chasing the bag!!! It doesn't take much to get them to chase....and you have to keep them busy with a job or they can get into mischief because they are a dog that DOES think for themselves!!
  5. bigboytex New Member

    wow that really did answer my question I really appericate it. I have a catahoula lab mix whos about six years old so I cant really do what I want to with her but I want some for hog hunting and such. I have a friend whos brother knows a guy who breeds catahoulas and I want to try to get some pups from them but right now I dont have enought land or the income to support them. And u defently have to keep the busy there are times when I cant and she just goes nuts with all the excess energy.

    That about the pup makes me whish I had one.
  6. l_l_a New Member

    oh you should have seen that Catahoula pup, it was hilarious, the plastic bag was BIGGER than she was (she was about 4 months old, just completed her shots) and she was getting all tangled in it while running around with it in her mouth. Yup she was bugging my dog, he was being very patient with her since older dogs instinctively allow small puppies shocking liberties (just wait til she gets older and her puppy license expires, heh!). But then she got a bit too brave and started biting his tail, my dog just got up and left but she pursued him still throwing herself at him and chomping down on his tail so he finally spun around and bared teeth at her, she let out a melodramatic squeal and went running!! 3 seconds later she was back climbing all over him again, just not actually biting his tail anymore!

    This one was definitely predominantly blue, but I've seen others that were almost all black?? At least the owners had said the dog was a Catahoula.

    This breed must be very new to the AKC then, if what I read about the word "Dog" being part of only the GSD's name, is outdated!
  7. missouri gal New Member

    Yes, they can be any color---you think of it ,they can be it---well, maybe not purple with pink polka dots!! LOL!
    My red heeler "Bull" is 8 yrs old--and very patient with yearling Rocky! He lets Rocky know if he gets too close to his bed with his exhuberance!! your cowboy!!!
  8. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    I thought the Catahoula wasn't recognized by the AKC yet? Well Chris, you finally got some answers!! Lol.
    Here's a question for ya Missouri Gal, as I'm not very familiar with this breed. With Cats, the blue leopard is kind of like a blue harlequin, correct? And the merle is not considered the same as leopard, right? I have seen what they call leopard, but I have also seen some that I thought would be considered merle, and the owners said they were leopard....
    Terrible about your boy Gus!!! =(
  9. missouri gal New Member

    I'd love to post a pic of Gus and Dixie--how do I post it?? I'm only just now figuring out how to get a pic emailed!! Time seems to be running out when I try to upload a pic----I live in the hills of Missouri where we only have dial up----for now!! Hopefully next week things will change!!

  10. missouri gal New Member

    Merle/Leopard----tomato/ tammato!!!! Same thing really, just different ways to call the color! The Catahoula people call the color Leopard--the Aussie people call it Merle! But, the Leopard really is more of larger patches of marbling than the aussies have! it what you want--I guess it may also be one of the reasons I think so much of my newest savior Rocky--he is blue merle(part aussie!)--just doesn't have the tan, he only has black, white, and grey! He's just so pretty!! And smart!! And funny.....did I say how pretty he was???? lol!:)
  11. bigboytex New Member

    o dial ups not fun (sorry I work on computers and im kinda a geek) lol.....I would love to see a pic of ur dogs. I have also been curious about the coat colors.

    U know ive been thinking Missouri Gal u and txcowgirl are a lot alike yall would get along great
  12. missouri gal New Member you are a comp geek--I'm a horse geek--I'd much rather be with my horses, dogs (and kids of course!) than with most men I know!!! So what!!! LOL!!! Can I turn this into a computer forum now?? So, since the power went out in the last ice storm we had a couple weeks ago..for 4 days, i might do I get my info from my tower when it won't even turn on??? I just got this computer I'm on now and had let the kids play games on my old one when the power failed---I unplugged it right quick so the surge of coming back on would not get it too bad---in a surge protector, BTW!!!--but it won't even turn onn ow, so that I can get all my files, pictures---I'm devastated!! Help??
  13. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Lol. ^^ Um, don't know how to post pics here in the Lounge, but you can upload them. Mm, I bet your Rocky is pretty. xD Anyway, to upload pics simply click Gallery and then Upload Picture.
    Oh no! Dern storms. Pretty to watch, fun to be out in, but technology doesn't seem to like them much. Good luck!
  14. missouri gal New Member

    Thanks Cowgirl!! Got Gus and Dixie uploaded into the Gallery for those of you wanting to see a blue leopard Catahoula--that is what Gus was--a beauty of a boy---sorry the pics are old--had to scrounge to find some since my computer crashed with all other pics of his "big boy" self on it!! Also, have uploaded a pic of Rocky, too, so you can see the similarities of the colors--NOT the coat--Aussies are wavy haired whereas Catahoulas are very "slick haired" more like a coon dog, Wiemereiner, or Vizla--even shorter than a lab as they have a bit of undercoat--Catahoulas do not! Hope this helps with the quandry of colors!!!! Lol!! Enjoy!
  15. l_l_a New Member

    Gus and Dixie and Rocky are gorgeous, I just saw their pictures in the gallery!
  16. missouri gal New Member

    Thanks!!!! I love them all--still love Gus--always will!! He is a part of my heart and soul--but Rocky is becoming a close second since he is always by my side--his choice, like he knows he ws sent to me to fill a void...probably Gus sent him to me to help me overcome his loss!! I love Dixie, too and she gets to take her turns coming to work with me and chores, etc...and still gets lots off attention.....but, her personality is different than Gus and Rocky's...they always thrive on attention and she is a bit more on the lazy side!! Wish I could be lazy!! Lol!! for instance, when I walk into the room, she just pulls her head up to look at me...if Idon't call her to come to me, she will lay back down and commence to snoozing again! Rocky leaps sit by my left side waiting for his next command!! They are so funny!! Dixie already knows all of her commands, too, so that is part of the reason I need to spend more time with Rocky--also since I've only had him a short while (2 weeks now), he needs to learn the rules and keep his energy down, so he doesn't come into mischief!! I agree with Collie Man....a tired mind and body makes for a happy dog! AND owner!!! Lol!!!
  17. lee4 New Member

    Yes I Know A Little About Them, Great Cowdogs A Lil Rough Around The Edges Compared To A Aussie Or Border But They Will Do A Great Job On Hard To Handle Cattle...they Are Also Usually Good Hunting Dogs On Hogs And Treeing Type Game Like Coons And Squirrels Etc...normally Very Protective Of Their House House And Owners...need To Know In Okl
  18. storm22 Experienced Member

    i love gus's colour ive always liked the merle colour (hence my cattle dog) but gus's eyes are nice i also like the aussie shepherd with there mottled colour

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