Canine freestyle music


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Hiya all!

I was wondering if you guys have any good tips for me? Guus and me started canine freestyle or dog dance if you like. Now I'm looking for a nice song or music piece to use. Guus is quite smal with short legs so something upbeat is probably best. Also, he doesn't look like a serious dog, people laugh at him when they see him. So I was thinking about something like 500 miles by the Proclaimers.

Tips anyone? Woul be much appreciated!


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When I'm looking for music for our routines, I try these:
1. listen to commercials, they have some very good music, and people usually don't even notice how great they are
2. soundtracks for your favorite movies
3. songs in musicals. They are made for dancing, so there must be a couple that fit you

Hope I helped... :)


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Recently a friend of mine wanted a song "Circle Of Joy" to use for freestyle. She came to me because she knows that I edit music and because she needed this 4min and 43 second song to be 2:30 or less. I had listened to the music examples of other freestyle performances and the music editing didn't appear to be professionally done. I take a lot pride in my work and I challenge people to try and find my edits.
So I wonder if music editing is something that is a need in canine freestyle or is this just an isolated incident ?