Camping!!! :)


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So we just came back from this years first camping trip!!! We had a lot of fun!!!
It says to U.S.A in the back!!
Camping 004.JPG
Carmel being bored in the car. Its a long trip from Mississauga to Allegany state park!
Camping 011.JPG
Our campsite!!!
Camping 047.JPG
The first night!!!
Camping 055.JPG
Carmel chilling by the trailer.
Camping 074.JPG
By the campfire!! It looks like she is on fire!
Camping 128.JPG
First trail!! 4 miles (about 8 km)
Camping 131.JPG
On the trail!
Camping 144.JPG
After the trail I took a picture by the Allegany State park sign!
Camping 214.JPG
Carmel in the water! (Finally)
Camping 235.JPG


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You know, with Buddy, who also initially feared the water,
i spent time first with him in water, with his feet on solid ground in the water,
and on subsequent trips,
i had Buddy walk out deep enough his feet no longer touched the bottom, AND BACK AGAIN,
so Buddy could begin to learn, "OHhhh, over here, my feet don't touch,
and over this way, i can find the ground again...ah ha."

we just went back and forth, rewarding him for not having his feet on the ground,
and then baaaack to the shallower part again.
back and forth.

he got it then, and seemed more sure of himself.

still, although Buddy happily goes into water now,
Buddy IS one lousy swimmer:rolleyes: ...other dogs probably point at Buddy and snicker at Buddy's lousy and weirdly slow swimming......:ROFLMAO:
and yeah, we do put a life jacket on him if he will be in water he can't touch the bottom of.


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We just came back from Balsam Lake Provincial park!!! We where there for 7 days!!! it was a lot of fun!!!
Carmel by the park entrance!
balsam lake 433.JPG
Our campsite!
balsam lake 429.JPG
Carmel chilling at the campsite the first day
balsam lake 009.JPG
First time in the water!!!
balsam lake 053.JPG
Breakfast time!!!
balsam lake 082.JPG
On a 4 mile hiking trail!!
balsam lake 122.JPG

balsam lake 102.JPG
The human beach
balsam lake 160.JPG
The dog beach. sadly there was a dock, and Carmel was the only dog there who wouldn't go off the dock. She ended up going through the side where there was rocks.
balsam lake 187.JPG


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Carmel tanning!
balsam lake 225.JPG

Carmel catching her food while i am taking action shots!
balsam lake 263.JPG

Carmel enjoying the human beach view!
balsam lake 283.JPG

Carmel swimming!!! (Finally) with a Brittany Spaniel
balsam lake 308.JPG

balsam lake 316.JPG

This is her swimming on another day!
balsam lake 393.JPG


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LOVE the pics!!!!!:love: YAY, Carmel swam!!!!!!:D

GUESS WHAT?!?!?! Shivon goes swimming every day now!!!!! I'll post pics when I come back on Saturday;)