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  1. trudy New Member

    Hi everybody my name is Trudy and i have a border collie his name is Mylo he is 16 weeks old. every time time i put him in his crate he barks and whines. has any body got any tips i would really appreciate it cause i dont like to see him upset. thanks Trudy:dogsad:

  2. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Hi Trudy, welcome to DTA! You'll learn a lot here, your 4 mo old BC will keep you really busy! Let me ask you, when are you putting him in his crate, is it only when you're about to leave, at bedtime, or when you're busy? Does he have anything to do in there? Do you give him things to keep him occupied when he's in there, like maybe a great chew that he only gets in his crate, or a stuffed frozen kong? Remember he's a baby, and they need to learn about a crate, and how to occupy themselves when they're in there ... away from you. Is he exercised and pottied before he goes in his crate? Give him time, he will learn. Did you start him off slowly, getting him adjusted with the door open? I know, lots of questions - but you didn't give much info, sorry... :-)
  3. trudy New Member

    Hi Jackie, i put Mylo in the crate when i have to leave the house and when i go to bed. When i go out i take him for a wee first and the same when i go to bed. He has his teddy(pheasant) which he loves and a couple of treats.when i go out in the day he is only in the cage for 2 hours max.The cage door is open all day so he can go in and out.
  4. trudy New Member

    The cage door is open when i am at home. when i go to bed or go out i close it
  5. jackienmutts Honored Member

    It seems he associates you putting him in the crate, with you leaving - he surely knows when it's bedtime. He needs to begin to learn that he can go in the crate and actually have fun in there. Begin very slowly with him, take him for a good walk, have a play session, make sure he's tired, give him a good chew, put him in the crate with his chew - and close the door. Leave him only for a minute, then open the door again - session over. Good boy. Repeat this many times, slowly increasing the time that door is closed - while you're home. He'll soon learn how to go into his crate and actually relax when he's in there. One thing you don't want to do, is let him out when he's barking or crying. Wait til he's quiet - then let him out. Barking and crying gets nothing. Quiet gets you lots of good things.

    Do give him entertainment while he's in there, tho, when you're leaving. Maybe get a kong, stuff it with peanut butter and a few small treats and freeze it. Frozen, stuffed kongs will keep dogs occupied for a long time - they can lay there and lick and lick and just be in their own little world. It gives them something to concentrate on besides wanting out!!! Frozen kongs take a long time for them to work on, and they're usually ready for a nap when they're finished. You can also stuff a kong with things like applesauce, a little canned food, bananas, kibble, broth, make up your own 'stuffing' - then freeze it. Mine LOVE peanut butter - and I always freeze them, it's a huge treat, they get so excited when they see me get them out of the freezer! He'll soon see his crate as a great place, not just as someplace boring that always means that mom is going away. Right now, it probably just feels like jail. Make it feel like his own little retreat place, someplace where he's gonna always love to go, someplace where good stuff happens, someplace where he can get away from it all, and just relax.
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  6. trudy New Member

    Thank You Jackie for replying to my messages. i got to go now and buy a kong :msngrin: i will let you know how mylo gets on. thanks Trudy
  7. trudy New Member

    Hi Jackie, first time Mylo walked into his crate today and lied down. bless him! I am so proud of him. I went to fetch my daughter from school and it's also the first time he didn't bark. I would like to say a big thank you from me and Mylo for making our lives even happier:dogbiggrin: :msnhugegrin:

    Trudy and Mylo X X
  8. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Hooray for you, and hooray for Mylo! Keep up the good work with him - and keep making that crate someplace he loves to be in! Make those frozen kongs (or whatever you give him) something he gets only when he's in there, so that makes them really special. Plus, the older he gets, the crate will become someplace he'll retreat to for naps during the day, all on his own. Good work! :dogtongue2:

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