Bye bye Buck, I'll miss you


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My wonderful dog Buck will be put to sleep at 12 today. He has heavy arthrosis and the vet cannot do anything anymore to relieve his pain. He had a great life though with lots of excersise, play and treats. But I will miss him so much.

So in honour of Buck of few pictures.



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I'm a great believer in celebrating the life, as opposed to mourning the death of our dogs. It sounds as though he had an enviable and active life, and that is really the most that any dog can wish for. I think you are doing the unselfish thing and I'm sure that Buck appreciates that too.


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From Ciara

Sincere condolences. He was a handsome and talented dog! - I was particularly impressed with 'Buckhoven'. You have some lovely memories to treasure.


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I cry with u too, it always makes me tear up to read this and think of anyone separated from dearly loved dogs. even if, i believe, it's temporary. from the pics he was a happy, beloved, and gentle boy. My empathy for such a difficult time and hopes for finding soon again the ability to smile and find joy at his memories when ur ready. at least u know a lot of other dog owners extend their heart felt understanding support here.


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My dearest condolences. He was a beauty. ^^ I was smitten the first time you posted a picture of him. He looks like a character. I too loved the "Buckhoven" pic. And is that a robo dwarf hamster he's sniffing??? LOL. Very cute pictures. Hugs to you.


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Thank you all for your sweet messages. It's strange that he's not there anymore, not to feel his head on my knee, that was his way to request to me to stroke his ears. Luckily I still have Guus although he's definately not as smart as Buck was. I mean, how many dogs can play the piano eh :dogwink:


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Ah Marieke, sorry about your loss ... He looks so happy in the pictures that you've submitted ... no doubt that he was dearly loved. At least he had a good life with you and you can rest assured that he knew that. :dogsmile:


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My sincere condolences. Buck was a very special dog. He will live on in your heart and the hearts of those that knew him.

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So be silent, and be a friend to man...
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So spake the Lord.

And the dog heard and was content.
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