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    Hi to you all, i'm the proud owner of a about 3 year old three-legged staffordshire and a 18months old american pittbull. The reason why i'm interested in training my dogs is to be able to change the faith of the bullies. I'd like to show people that those dogs are as much adorable and nice dogs as other breeds are. I had a border mixed lab and she was the craziest dog j've ever known. Today, i realized the mistakes i did with her and i don't to reproduce them with my bullies. I want to be able to activities with them. Of course, my three-legged girl is a bit slowed down by her handicap but she feels as much happy and alive as my four-legged pitt. She has her carrier for long walks and she likes to ride along when she gets tired. I want to do activities such as agility, flyball, dancing, biking, hiking with them. Most of all, i'd wish to educate people about not all the bullies are dangerous and mean. It's often the person at the end of the lead the problem. Both are rescue dogs and they are the sweetest of dogs and my oldest grandchild best friend. At 2 years old, he does whatever he wants with them and they never growls or snarls at him. Patience is the first word that comes to my mind when i sees him with them. I just love my bullies.

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  2. curls139 Well-Known Member

    Hi there :) that's exactly what we're attempting to do with our Russell (rescue staffordhsirexamerican bulldog we think, nearly two!). So glad to find someone else that is doing the same. He's slowly changing minds and hearts one by one. It's seems a slow process, for every person who says 'Oh isn't he a lovely boy, so kind' there seem to be 6 more who scowl or cross the street, scowl or say "watch him, he'll bite" when we're practising loose lead walking and sitting at every corner. What they don't know is that he's actually a bit of a scaredy cat and loves his cuddles and being a big lap dog, chasing sticks like a collie and doing tricks!

    Still - one by one- and some have been quite dramatic; most recently a woman fearful of white bull breed dogs as her westie got attacked by a dog whos owner screamed 'he doesn't like westie's' before the dog leapt on dog and owner and attacked the dog - Russell and the Westie walking and playing gently side by side :) one by one. We are still a way to go as Russell is leash reactive with other dogs (getting beter very very slowly and some dogs he doesn't react to if they are far enough away or very very calm and don't look at him)

    Welcome to you and your two softies :love: he's our first dog and now I don't think I'd have any other breed than bull
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  3. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Hi and welcome! Sounds like you're doing a lovely job with your pups, and you've come to the right place. Several here have bullies and are out there doing the same thing you're doing. There's another "tri-pawed" :D, so you'll be in good company, I hope they see your post and chime in. Have fun on the forum!
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  4. MaryK Honored Member

    Hi and Welcome!:) Wonderful what you're doing with your pups and this sure is the right place. Pitties are wonderful dogs, and there are others here doing just what you're doing, changing the world's view of them.

    Lucky is another tri-legged dog, sure hope her companion sees your thread, so you can see her vids of Lucky Lego and her new companion Ms. Streets, playing together.
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  5. raymond upton Well-Known Member

    welcome thanks for rescuing your dogs i have a rescued pitbull myself youre right pitbulls don't deserve the bad rap they've gotten they're wonderful loving dogs
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