Building Value In Toys


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I want to start using more toy rewards in dog training but my dogs aren't too interested in toys or would just ignore the toy (E.g. If I throw a ball they'll just stare at it for a second then do something else)
Does anybody know how to build value in toys?


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I have the same problem with Shivon. She DOES NOT like toys as her reward, but she LOVES toys in general.:rolleyes::LOL: I want to try using a toy as a reward in agility, but she just ignores it....


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Have you tried using tuggng on tuggy-toys, instead of fetching toys?

My dog Buddy seems to much enjoy using tugging on toys, as his reward after a click,
especially if it is a trick he LOVES, like "pick up toys" trick.

does your dog like toys in general??

My dog goes crazy-gagga-nutz for brand new toys, maybe if you got a brand new tuggy-toy, and use that one ONLY for clicker-rewards? Like the dog never ever gets access to that toy, except when he is in training.
(my particular dog would probably end up focusing TOO much on the new toy, and not do his tricks well, though:ROFLMAO: )


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Tugging does not work on Shivon as a reward:rolleyes:lol I have this 1 toy that is agility only. I have to get her more excited about it though....