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Hi there everyone,
I have an almost 2 year old puggle (pug/beagle) who chews like crazy. Any bone or toy we give him lasts about 2 minutes until he's destroyed it. I've given him rawhide thick bones, but supposedly these are bad for him? They last him about 1/2 an hour for a medium size which is half an hour of pure bliss :dogtongue2: he is also insanely hyper. Any cheap suggestions of stuff to keep him busy and happy
I'm on a budget and any suggestion helps....thanks a ton!:dogbiggrin:

Jean Cote

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Have you tried Kongs? There are different ones, the black version being nearly indestructible. There are also nylabones which last a very long time.


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Indeed rawhides are bad for your dogs. They swell in the stomach and can create LOTS of problems. Very hard to digest.

Bully sicks, knuckle bones(maybe knee bones depending on his size?), and Nylabone Healthy Edibles are a much better option. Healthier and easier to digest.

As for toys, Kongs are great as suggested. Try to moderate toy time and have enough toys that you can switch them out so he's not spending all his time trying to destroy one. Petsmart has some rubber interlocking rings that have been great for my dogs. Same brand makes the "Good Cuz"/"Bad Cuz" rubber squeaky toys that are VERY TOUGH. My Border Collie is a VERY rough chewer, and she's had her Bad Cuz for over a year now--still looks like NEW.


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Good question, there are some threads on that very topic around here somewhere!! (Btw, i never give my dog those chewbones. I don't think there is any nutrition in them. at all...)

Me, i buy toys for Buddy at GOODWILL. this is a second-hand store for lower income people to buy used items. The toys are only 35 cents each!! AND i am supporting good cause. i can get a whole bag full of toys for only a dollar or two.

AND i've found some doozies there! I once came home with a toy bus---Buddy LOVED that bus. Was some kinda foamy neoprene-type rubber covered deal, that was stuffed, made like 5 different sounds, depending on where he bit it.

It rolled around by itself, which made Buddy crazy happy.:dogbiggrin: Lasted for months, all that fun for 35 cents.

Ah, i can't figure how to attach a photo from my computer of this toy bus. It lists as a $13 toy for children, made by Playskool, at ToysR Us store, or Ebay, etc.

..Is called Cushy Cruisin School bus. BEST DOG TOY EVER.
I might drop the money to get another, it was his favorite ever. Ever.

But yeah, check out Goodwill, or, Salvation Army, they have lotsa very cheap, unique toys!! Just go take a look,:msnohyes: you'll see what i mean. YOu might come home with a 35 cents miracle that your dog will go crazy over.