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Discussion in 'Dog Breeds' started by tx_cowgirl, Feb 7, 2008.

  1. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Hi guys,
    I was thinking, what about a monthly post describing a different breed each month? I think it would be educational to all of DTA's members, and interesting if nothing else. If you guys(and girls) would like a Breed of the Month post, then I'll start either this month or next month with some random breed.
    I'm thinking the post would go through the breed standards, uses, pictures, and anything else I can find about the breed. If you don't like this idea, feel free to state your case. :dogsmile:

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  2. bipa New Member

    The only question for me would be whether to start off with all the well-known breeds that most people tend to consider, or if perhaps to try and get folks acquainted with lesser known or more rare breeds. But the idea itself is great! I think there are enough breeds out there that it would take quite a while before the Academy might start repeating itself. :dogsmile:

    I had a great time today getting to know my first real live Glen of Imaal Terrier. I'm tempted now to make one of them my third dog. (Of course, I say that every time I get to meet a new dog! :dogtongue2: )

  3. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    I was thinking just vary the breeds randomly, but a few breeds that came to mind were the English Shepherd, the Pharaoh Hound, the Saluki, the Border Terrier, and the Karelian Bear Dog. With so many breeds, the possibilities are nearly endless. :doghappy: I suppose we could take a poll every month on which breed, or I could just randomly pick some. I could take special requests, of course. Hmm, not sure exactly how to go about the breed-picking yet.
    How neat! I don't even think there are any Glen of Imaal Terriers in Texas, lol.
  4. bipa New Member

    Well, although the Glen of Imaal Terrier is actually a very old Irish breed, it didn't get official recognition in the USA until October, 2004. The problem is usually deciding on what the "standard conformation" should be. Older or ancient breeds that developed over a long time can often have a lot of regional variations, and so there's always a big argument about which variation should become the standard.

    I believe there's around 600 registered in the USA, so it's very possible you don't have any around you....yet.

    Hmm.... might be an interesting idea to start off with something about how a breed first develops and is recognised. You could even use the Jack Russell as an example of a breed that still is undergoing the whole argument over which variation should be the official one. It really can become a big huge mess with little to do with the dogs themselves and more to do with people and politics. Or the white German shepherd, which is considered an "unwanted mutation" by most officials, but many ordinary folks love them. Or.... never mind, you get the idea :dogwink:

  5. yoyopoodle Well-Known Member

    This sounds cool, but what if instead of the original post having all sorts of info, it could have just a few sentences of the basics along with a few pictures - and everyone can post stories/info that they have from personal experience with the breed?

    In this case starting with the more popular breeds would be a good idea...

    Just a suggestion ;)

    ... I do know a really cool English Shepherd (named Friday) who does Search and Rescue.
  6. storm22 Experienced Member

    i think its a great idea
  7. hockey390 New Member

    Yet another great idea from the community. I say yes!
  8. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Good point, many breeds have different variations...hmm...this is something I suppose I'll have to fiddle with.
    Yoyopoodle, people will most certainly be welcome to post experiences with the breeds. =) I'm not sure how much detail should actually be put into the thread...I'll just play it by ear. :doghappy:
    Thanks for the support guys!
  9. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Okay, a question for all of you.......
    I began a post earlier today with the intent of starting as far back as possible: the wolf. I wanted to simplify the selective breeding that developed so many different breeds, some being extremely different from the wolf. I condensed it as much as possible but...I ended up with more of a book than a discussion post, so I terminated it. It's saved on my computer, but I just wasn't satisfied with it.
    So, would you guys prefer a short (or not-so-short) description of a breed in paragraph form, or something a bit easier to read?
    Origin: England (1900s)
    Founder: (If there is one recognized.)
    Etc.... Seems to me like this would be much easier and shorter to read. It doesn't cover as much information, but it still covers the basics. My original idea was to do a bit of both. A short paragraph covering a bit of info, and the basics as I showed above, with a few pictures. But...well, when researching you end up finding so much information, and deciding which info to scratch and which to include ends up taking longer than the actual typing itself. I can do one version this month with one breed, and another with another breed next month(or this month maybe), and everyone can just decide which they prefer I suppose.
    Of course, all of this was to be expected, and I'm not surprised. So anywho...just wanted some input. :dogsmile:
  10. Jean Cote Administrator

    Hi TX_Cowgirl!! I think this is an awesome idea!!!

    If you'd like, we could even post your dog breed articles into the Library so it looks more professional! :D I can even get licenses for high quality and professional pictures for you to use in those articles.

    Send me a private message if you'd like. :) Great idea!
  11. szecsuani Experienced Member

    C'est une bonne idée! (sorry, I use french a loads of times now... I started it in september, and I just love it!)
    Great idea!:yipi::cool2::great:

    I think you should collect things about rare breeds, becouse this way people will get to know them. (this sounded really silly, didn't it?)
  12. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Lucky! What a great language to learn.
    I will definitely include the rare breeds, but I'm not going to solely focus on them, simply because some people don't really know much about the more popular breeds, either. If newer dog owners or people seeking a puppy/dog look at the Breed of the Month posts in hopes of getting help finding the breed for them, they won't really find it beneficial if the only posts are all about rare breeds that they've never heard of and will never in a million years find anywhere near them. So for this reason I'm going to vary it, making sure I include both well-known breeds and rare breeds as well. :dogsmile:
    And no, it didn't sound silly. =)
  13. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    The first Breed of the Month post will be next month. I've had some family stuff come up recently and I need as few extra activities going on as possible. So, I'll start the posts next month, and the breed has not yet been determined. We'll see. Thanks for the support, guys.
  14. luna may New Member

    *Agreement agreement*


    *Okay, and some more agreement for fun.
    Now you have agreement to spare- although three's no such thing as too much moral support ;)*
  15. bom abigirls mom New Member

    Great idea, as I would love more info ESPECIALLY about the characteristic behaviors of different breeds. As we get closer to retirement, I wouldn't mind finding another dog with great temperment to play with Abigirl. (she's a BOM - Beagle/Pomeranian Hybrid... and if I can share anything with you about this mix- is she is awesome! Sweet, social, incredibly intelligent and perfect size- not "in your face" with begging for cuddles - she plays well independently and likes her own space when snoozing. She DOES like to cuddle right before bedtime tho!)

    You know I LOVE this site- It is so nice to have a place to TALK about the DOG!!!
    I try not to babble on about her constantly to everyone around me, but it is really hard not to!
  16. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Lol, this site is great, and it grows on you quite quickly...for me it was a matter of minutes. Haha! :doglaugh: I think it's a great learning experience for anyone from novice to expert trainers, and if nothing else it's great to just talk to people who know exactly where you're coming from. You're Beagle/Pom is adorable. ^^
  17. jasper Guest

    Hi TX_Cowgirl.....I apologize for thinking those were your dogs for your avatar. I didn't realize 'til later that there is a slew of pictures. Anyhoo, I love the idea of listing the origin, founder etc of the dogs. I know my Jasper is from the Pyrenees Mountains herding for the Pryenees people. I hope others agree with your ideas
  18. posie New Member

    hi i am maddie
    i am 11 years old i have a king charles caviler spanile
    Jasper is your avatar a picher of your dog ?
  19. posie New Member

    hi i am maddie
    and my dog rosie is a king charles caviler spanile i bet we all think our dog breeds the best so if ya want to have a chat about what breed you think is the best here is the place to do it
    hope ya have a great time talking about your favourit dog breed
    maddie (and rosie!)
  20. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Lol, that's okay! I do have a BC, and a BC/Blue Heeler, so it's not like they're that far off. ^^ Lol. Anywho, glad you like the idea. The first post will be next month. =) Jasper is very pretty. ^^ My friend has a Pyrenees, too. Your boy looks large even for a Pyrenees! :dogblink:

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