Brain Games!


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This thread is for brain games.
You are welcome to share your own games here, so we can all try them out.

I'll kick off with The Egg Carton Surprise.

You'll need an egg carton, treats and some newspaperpages(optional)

Put some treats in the carton.

When you offer this to your dog for the first time, don't make it too hard for him. Show him there are treats in there and don't close the lid all the way. Help him a little bit by showing him how to lift the lid. Remember, he is not supposed to distroy the carton.
Once they know how to lift the lid, you can see if they can open a closed lid. My Jinx can't do it yet, at least not without ripping it up, so I don't close the lid all the way. If your dog can do it, then go ahead and close it!
To make it a little harder, you can put the treats in a piece of paper and then in the carton.
I use newspaper that I rip into pieces.

My dogs are allowed to rip up the paper to get to the treats, but if you don't want that, put the treat in the carton, then put a crunched up piece of paper on top of it. Then they have to take the paper out first to get to the treat.
I made a little vid to demonstrate and explain. Please excuse my accent :oops: and the fact it is out of focus. I used my DSLR to film it and is horrible at focussing. But you'll get the idea;)


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Thanks Anneke, I'll try to do this with Zac and Gus this week, (or maybe next week as this week is horribly busy), all being well they can have a race and I'll film it :LOL:


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Thank you Anneke:) Great idea, will do it for my two there's an almost empty egg carton too! Will do Zeus good to have a brain game which he can do laying down, but LOL I'll really have to make sure he doesn't rip the carton, as he just loves tearing up cardboard etc.


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Leaf's brain game, her favorite to date, is this.

I have one of those children's toys which is a short pole with different sizes in rings, starting with a large one at the bottom and graduating up to a small one at the top.

What we do is she removes all the rings (usually by batting the little pole over,) then she has to put the rings back over the pole in the correct order.

I'll make a video of her doing it at the weekend, because for some reason I just cannot get the lighting right to video inside. Not good at videoing myself, have to ask partner:rolleyes:

But will photograph the toy tomorrow, again have to wait until it's light, I just cannot seem to get a decent photo in the night.:rolleyes: