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  1. xena98 Experienced Member

    Hi Guys
    Just had to have a little brag about my little girl Gabby. Today we had an obedience trial and my little girl passed and got her first leg of open with a score of 197 out of 200 with a first place. I was so happy apart from a little stuff up ie mum doesnt come into the ring with the right dumbell and had to change the dumbell midway through my test LOL:doglaugh:
    Danni and the girls

  2. fickla Experienced Member

    Wow, congratulations!!!! Open is a very hard class, especially getting 1st with the billion of dogs that are always in it! I'm hoping to enter my Lance in his first open trial by the end of summer, but we'll see!
  3. Jean Cote Administrator

    Way to go Danni! :dogsmile:
  4. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    A big CONGRATS from us! Way to go!!!
  5. CollieMan Experienced Member

    I think you've earned bragging rights. :)

    Really well done, for both of you.
  6. xena98 Experienced Member

    Thanks Guys
    I am really proud of her. She is so keen and so smart doing whatever is asked of her. I have just got back from a tiring day at agility and didnt do too badly with my other girls. out of 10 runs I got 6 qualies 2 first 2 seconds a third and a fourth. me and my girls are both so tired
    Danni and the girls
  7. snooks Experienced Member

    A big huge congratulations to the both of you. How wonderful.
  8. opalgal New Member

    Hi Gabby
    Well done Sis, at least Danni did remember to get your right dumbell!!! Am hoping to get into the 190's for my CD, well I can dream!!!
    Woof woof
    Your cheeky brother
  9. xena98 Experienced Member

    Hi Bro
    Yes well I do need a new mother. Fancy going into a ring with the wrong dumbell. Like I can pick up my heavier sisters dumbell. Sister Xena told me that she also was missing a leather in the article box as well and someone gave her another article. I tell ya bro someone has to have the brains around here and I am glad it's me and not her.
    No problem for CD brains run in the family. I hope your mum is not as bad as my mum though otherwise you are going to have fun keeping her out of trouble. Mothers who need them

    woof woof
    from your sister Gabby

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