Bow Wow Clicker Training Videos


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I actually wanted to buy this video - but now I found it on YouTube.

This video includes and overview of clicker training and the basic skills:

Sit & down
Stay & come
Hold & attention
Off (leave it)
Wait, go, settle
Loose leash walking

Additional features include:
Various ways to produce behaviors
Maximizing the power of rewards
Teaching skills to a fluent level
Adding distractions, duration and distance
Tips for improving your training skills

And here is Take a Bow Wow and Take a Bow Wow 2

Clicker training has never been more fun! This video is loaded with easy-to-follow instructions for 21 tricks, from basic to more advanced, including some skills that are useful in service dog training.
Take a Bow Wow includes:

Ring a Bell to Go Out
Pull / Open Doors
Roll Over
Push a Ball
Retrieve a Leash
Close Doors
Back Up
Play Dead
Take a Bow
Bow Wow Take 2 includes:

Take, Hold & Carry Items
Clean Up Your Toys
Turn the TV On/Off
Fetch Drink from Fridge
Cross Your Paws
Throw Away Trash
Scent Discrimination
Turn Lights On/Off



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For some reason, my computer is not showing a video on this page? Maybe my computer is being show? Is it towards the top?


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These are great videos! Thank you for posting:). I will watch them completely this coming week (and bookmark them!), I am running out of time today. I have a friend that will benefit from them as well. She has two completely unruly 6 month old pit bull/lab mix puppies.(y)