bow and down


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I'm so excited!!!

Today Luci finally figured out the difference between bow and down. She's been able to do both for awhile but whatever one you did first was the one she would stick with for both commands but today!!! She finally figured it out!! She's doing both and can even do them one right after another. I Was so proud of her...


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It took us about two weeks of constant work to perfect the bow and not have Z go into the down. We really utilized the shaping method with the clicker on this one, in fact this was out first clicker taught trick. I had previously been using the treat luring method when I discovered clicker training and decided to give it a try. The clicker really makes a difference and helps to "mark" just the behavior you want. I also tend to establish a hand signal of sorts with each trick because I have a certain body movement or position when encouraging a behavior.

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Tone of voice will help with this. I say down in a lower tone of voice than bow, I say bow more like "owwww!!!!"


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Teaching Bow

I taught Storm to bow before I learned how to use the clicker. When I would stand at the sliding glass door and asked if she wanted to go outside she would get very excited and start doing all sorts of silly things. She would randomly bow when she would get bored of waiting for me to respond. When she bowed I would pull the door open and let her go running outside. The ultimate reward to her! Didn't take long before she was doing it on command. And yes we also had a problem with her bowing and then going immediately into a down. Glad you figured it out. Grats!