Bosun And Me


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Hi everyone, I signed up a bit ago and am just now getting around to an introduction.

First let me say, this is exactly the place I was looking for. A big congrats to the mods and the effort in the "Classroom" I love it. It's perfect. A lot of time and dedication went into the makings and I for one appreciate every ounce you put in.

Next; my history; I was brought up with dogs, some rescues, most what I call "grocery store dogs" the to-give-away section. They ranged from Mutts to purebreds. I, myself have been previously owned by a pack of 4, one terrier mutt and 3 bouviers. One bouvier remains, she is 13.

Bouviers do things in their own time, in their own way. I worked in rescue (2 of the bouvs were rescues) and did behaviour modification on feral dogs. These dogs had never been inside a house before. Had never been talked to. Had, in most cases been abused. They were incredible, once you bridged the gap of "hey I'm talking to you" Enter the clicker!!! It was quick, easy and direct communication.

I now have a Rhodesian Ridgeback pup. I'm told I have to stop calling him a puppy, even though he's on ly 6 months. He's a big boy and super sweet. This temperament is incredible. He is so easy to live with. He has been housebroken since the first of May when I brought him home. His one accident was my fault, he said he wanted to go out, I didn't believe him.

This dog is so easy to live with in fact, I could become very lazy. There is nothing to correct in the run of a day... so there's no training opportunity. That was the habit with the bouvs. Train what was needed. Bosun (RR pup) has daily off leash walks of 3+ kms. He sits and waits for his meals (RAW food) he corrects with a simple uh-ah. He hangs with me, he is always "there'. He doesn't rush out of the car. He settles nicely anywhere we go. He has a terrific recall. He takes to new things easily. Last week it was gun shots and blueberry picking. Week before the 4 wheeler and ferry rides with fog horns. He's adaptable and so laid back it's nuts!

So I was looking for something that was easy, laid out for me and clicker related. My boy loves his food! And that's what brought me to your site. We are on level 3, the High 5 was fun, he's at the all legs stage, I happy with him doing it from a semi sit, for now. He has the fundamentla of "spin" and we are now just practicing it everywhere. He always gets a treat (litte homemade ones) when he comes in, "spin" is his trick to get it, that started with just coming in, or peeing...

I even got my BF involved with it. One day he said "Bosun needs to learn his name" I placed a pile of treats in front of him and gave him the clicker. Explained how-to and left them to it... BF's a believer.

Thanks again for the great job!:cool:


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Hi, sounds like you have loads of fun with your dogs! How well behaved your Bosun is!!
And I still call my dogs puppies, one is 5 years old, the other 16 months:D


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Welcome to the DTA! I'm glad you found us! Your boy sounds like an amazing dog, and it sounds as if he has an amazing life!


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I honestly live a terrific life, by my standards. We live very rural, I have tracking plans (loosely) in Bosun's future. I am also interested in Therapy work with him.

It's an incredible thing to look at your puppy and think "I am 100% grateful" everyday. I simply cannot express how simple it has been to bring him home and have him fall into my crazy world.

Bosun will fish with me for hours on the riverbank without running off. Yesterday he adapted to big dumptrucks coming into the yard and dumping stuff, driving within 30 yards of him, he sits and watches, he's a great shopper (when cool enough) he jut hangs in the car, no barking at people or the carts or cars (can you tell I'm comparing him to past dogs? lol) he has slept through the night from day one. He will eat anywhere, drive anywhere (cars were new) took to the stairs with only two clicker sessions. He's met and played well with a large variety of dogs, one of which was known to be aggressive. I dremel his nails with little wiggling. I take pictures of wildflowers on our walks, he hangs out until I'm done. We are working on swimming.

He approaches things in his way in his time. Once he gts it ... he gets it. He is an incredible dog, I have thanked the breeder a million times. Having had "challenging" dogs in the past, he is truly a blessing.

Thanks for the welcome! You'll find me over in the classroom! lol