Boston Terrier vs. Bernese Mountain Dog

Discussion in 'Dog Breeds' started by splitz831, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. splitz831 New Member

    I always loved my little bostons, full of energy and the jumpiest things you've ever seen. My little Luci can jump to my head and I'm 5"9. But when we got a Bernese, we were in for a shock. They are POLAR OPPOSITES!! Our little bostons are ready to run at any time of the day. It doesn't matter if they've just been for a ten mile hike they are ready and willing to go again...that is unless you stop paying attention to them, they off to dream land they go. But our bernese...he never moves...he runs slower then molases in January and he will simply choose to lay in the snow instead of chasing the stick or playing ball. His favourite position? Spread eagle on the floor legs in each of the four directions.

    It's funny, while trying to play with them how different we need to act. With the boston we need to be standing, or else our faces wil become the new floor!! Plus they love to jump and run around. But stand with a bernese and you're back will be aching from bending over to try to convince to get off his butt. He's content to play games that involve never leaving the comfrotable position he has currently found.

    If you are interested in either I'd be happy to answer any questions you have, while both are great dogs they require totally different environments to be happy (though forcing your bernese to be more active may be good in the long run, lol)

  2. profiam New Member

    Berner Youth

    HI, Splitz!

    From your photos, it looks like your Berner is very young. Mine is as well. I got ARwen when she was 4 months old. One thing to remember about Berners and activity is they don't fully mature until they're between 18 months and 2 years, so if your puppy is pretty mellow still, think of it as a baby who is still that young - they need lots of rest to grow properly.

    We have a lot of snow here, and from other online things I've read, I was very surprised when Arwen didn't just go out there and run like crazy. She kind of said "wow. Okay. White, wet stuff. I'll just sit here for a while."

    Now, just a month later (we got our first snow over Thanksgiving weekend), she will run around a little more and play with the other two and enjoy. She is also becoming more active indoors. She investigates, she and the other young pup (7 month Border mix) go at it in the living room. Arwen is often seen snoozing where it's a little cooler (kitchen), but I see the "activity level" picking up.

    I think the suggestion I'll give you is enjoy the resting stage - my guess is it'll be gone before you know it!

    By the way, where did you find your BMD?

  3. splitz831 New Member

    Hi Lori

    We got our BMD from a pet store actually. All three of our dogs come from the same store, but all three came from breeders we were able to call and talk to about the litters, which doesn't happen often. He is very young, he'll be three months on January 3rd, so he's still a little pup. But he's already begun to get more energenic.

    After his puppy shots last week we were able to bring him to a dog park where he truly started to shine! I think because our Boston Terriers are very suppressive over him, lol...they don't let him play with him, he hadn't actually realized he was allowed to play. Since taking him to the dog park he's hyper and running and truly starting to play (even making his sisters play with him sometimes).

    It's nice to know someone out here has one though, you don't find many people with them where I live. But he's a cutie and certianly learning quickly that he's a big dog! lol.

  4. profiam New Member

    Berner ORganizations

    HI, Lynz,

    I was doing some research for my Yahoo! group ( and found these. I'll be there are more Berner owners near you than you thought! :) Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Ontario Bernese MOuntain Dog Club of the Finger Lakes (New York & Pennsylvania)

    Usually, these are more intended for people who are doing some type of showing, but they typically have "casual" members as well. I know there are quite a few events in the Northeast, and typically an owner (and critter if well behaved) can attend and ask questions.

    I'm trying to plan a Berner social for next summer. It'd be a heck of a road trip for ya! ;)

  5. splitz831 New Member

    HAHAHA...thanks, I've already been to the BMD of Canada website but I'd never seen the ontario one before. New york is a little far for me, lol.

    I think Jasper is coming into his own...since you said they don't perk up until 4 months he's been more hyper then I've ever seen him and he's barely months, lol.

    I also saw the picture of Arwen and she's adorable..are you looking to breed her?
  6. profiam New Member

    There are others in the northeast that may be closer (remember, "close" is relative...for me, a two hour drive is no biggie!). :D

    I am considering breeding her - for family ownership. Her dad was AKC and am having his records mailed to me. Her mom was not. I have to keep up on her health certifications, and can't do the OFA testing until she's 2. IF I'm still thinking about it then, and her OFA's come out at least good, then I probably will breed her.

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