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Discussion in 'Dog Breeds' started by dat123, Aug 13, 2008.

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    I know this post is old but I've never read it before! Riley isn't much for snuggling, she will lay on you and with but doesnt want your hands on her, she'll gently remove them and then resume sleeping!! It is true though how they "pick" their human, Riley loves Grant but she is no doubt my girl, will follow me everywhere, and she will back her big butt up to me if I am sitting on the floor and sit on me like she is a child so I can scratch her back! Any time my parents come to visit they get such a kick over how big of a baby she is and has to sit on Mom's lap!!

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    Bejna,as tx_cowboy was saying,have you done your reserch on the borderollie?

    they are a VERY hyperactive and are hard to tire out.they do best on farms (so if you don't live on a farm or have a big backyard,be prepaired to to your dog to the local park or bush (not sure if you call it the bush in your country.....but we do in Australia!) for lots of physical exersise.

    They also need lots of mental exersise to stop them from being destructive.trick training is a GREAT mental exersise.....
    If you don't give them physical and mental exersise they chew everything up,dig holes ect,ect.....But don't get me wrong-they are the best dogs ever!
  3. karleee Well-Known Member

    Bejna,as tx_cowboy was saying,have you done your reserch on the borderollie?

    they are a VERY hyperactive and are hard to tire out.they do best on farms (so if you don't live on a farm or have a big backyard,be prepaired to to your dog to the local park or bush (not sure if you call it the bush in your country.....but we do in Australia!) for lots of physical exersise.

    They also need lots of mental exersise to stop them from being destructive.trick training is a GREAT mental exersise.....
    If you don't give them physical and mental exersise they chew everything up,dig holes ect,ect.....But don't get me wrong-they are the best dogs ever!
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  6. dogcrazy Experienced Member

    Does any body know a good rescue or border collie breeder?
  7. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Dogcrazy, don't go to a breeder.
    don't $upport a breeder with your wallet.
    Please read this--->

    we have 6 million dogs being put to death each year.:cry: Border collies are often chosen to be put down, as they can be difficult to find homes for........ as many families find them "difficult" to keep as housepets, and this breed is not always thought to be great with very small kids (might knock the kids over as they run by, and may herd them)
    Today, Petfinders lists over 4,000 border collies looking for someone to love them.

    :) Put in your zip code right here::)

    and go find your new best friend.:D Petfinders lists both
    dogs in shelters/dog pounds,
    dogs in rescue/living with foster families,
    all on one site.
    You can sign up for Petfinder email alerts, too, if no homeless border collie is near your home this week. (i think you hit "save this search" or get the emails alerts)

    Is this dog for you/your family?

    Most breeders are backyard breeders,:mad: (80%) and most humans can not tell the difference between a reputable breeder, and a lousy one.

    All rescues are usually "good". Most are desperately under staffed, under funded, and overwhelmed with way more dogs than they can hope to feed. But those are good people doing an impossible job. This year has been especially difficult for dogs in dog pounds, more dogs being turned in by owners who can't afford to feed it,
    and less ppl donating money.

    The dogs will vary widely in temperament, energy level, herding ability, etc, but that is not a flaw of the rescue org. Dogs ARE unique individuals.

    DO research the breed, of course, and be aware, most border collies are HIGH energy dogs,
    who will not prefer to spend his days home alone doing nothing
    nor watch tv with you all evening. This breed needs lots of both physical and mental excercise, or they might develop behavioral issues.

    If you keep them busy, they are most excellent companions, but most border collies go nutz if they get too bored.

    If you really want a no-mystery border collie, do consider rescuing one who is living with a foster family. That family can and will tell you just how much excercise that particular dog needs, alll about that dog. Is he hyper, fearful? bark a lot? likes ppl? likes cats? likes other dogs? destructive? chases cars? eats shoes? runs away?? any behavioral issues at all?
    WHATEVER you want to know, they will tell you. NO mystery.
    The fosters also want a good match between human and dog.

    and yes, the adult dog WILL love you, more than you love your own self, more than he loves his own life,
    if anyone just gives him a chance to prove it. Have you ever needed someone to give you a second chance?

    plus, taking home an adult dog, soooooooooo much easier. :D Every week, every single week, we have someone come through DTA posting
    "My puppy is crying all night long"
    or "My puppy just ate my ipod and is chewing up all our stuff..."
    or "My puppy wont' stop nipping my toes with his razor sharp teeth!"
    or "My puppy won't listen"
    or "why won't my puppy housetrain? My floors are ruined..."
    on and on
    and on....

    Puppies are so much work. Ppl seem to go through a hair-pulling stage of frustration while raising puppies....

    Adults are easy cheesy, compared to puppies.

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    dogcrazy i myself think rescued dogs, who HAVE known a life without a family to love them, latch even harder to their humans than hand raised pups. I really think so. I know some other ppl who think so, too.
    not right away, nope, it takes a newly rehomed dog a while to size you up. Most are a bit subdued for a while, unsure of the new place, overwhelmed with new smells, new noises, new ppl, new rules.....
    But you can spot the day you have been approved. It's like watching a flower bloom open.
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  10. dogcrazy Experienced Member

    Thank you so much Tigerlily!! I never knew there where so much dogs in need close to my house. pet finder works in Canada (yay!)
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  11. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    It does? ha, i can not pull up petfinders in Canada for my computer, only the US one, how funny.
    On Petfinders, you can sort through the dogs by age, size, breed, whatever.
    You can sign up for email alerts, if the dog of your dreams comes within however many miles of your home.

    Going for a dog "in rescue" (living with a foster family)
    tends to take more time, months even, and much paperwork, etc, as they do get picky about who gets their dogs, want to make sure the dog does not end up back in a dog pound. Is no harm signing up for various border collie rescues in your area, so you'll have that done, in case you DO spot a dog you want to meet, you'll have the paperwork part done. Many of these rescue orgs are barely staffed,
    so it can take a long long time to get replies sometimes.

    Dog pounds, or dog shelters, usually have only a one or two page form, and you get the dog that same day usually. But rescue orgs are not like that. at all. takes way longer.

    Well, somewhere out there, if you want to add a border collie to your family, somewhere out there, is some homeless border collie in desperate need of a human like you. It feels great to save one from either death, or life in a cage. If you do, you will never ever regret it for a moment, and that dog will adore you.:love:

    of course, since you do have a dog, you'll want to make sure the 2 dogs get on well together, and make sure the new dog is the kind that gets on well with dogs in general etc. Since you do have a dog, you will want to be careful to not bring home a dog who is dog-aggressive. Petfinders usually marks such dogs with a "no dogs" next to that dog's picture.

    Shy dogs can be a lot of work, so be careful about knowing what is involved if you find yourself going for a 'shy' dog. A shy dog is not the same thing as a dog who is initially a bit reserved with strangers, a shy dog ducks away from, or growls at, human hands trying to touch him.
    Many ppl take home shy dogs, thinking it is so sweet, unaware of how much knowledge, work, and special care must be taken for such dogs.

    You can also have a new dog "temperment tested" even at dog pounds, if you aren't sure if the dog is shy or dog-aggressive. Usually, either type of dog is pretty obvious, but, just to be sure. Sometimes, in a dog pound, dogs act oddly because of all the stress, it can be harder to sort out in a dog pound.

    Dogs in rescue are usually well known to the foster family who can answer any questions you have. Once you take the dog in rescue, the fosters are then free to get another one out of the dog pound cages.

    You can also have a dog in dog pound "temperament tested" at many dog pounds.
    If that dog pound has no personnel who can do this, or don't have anyone they can call for you, then you can ask your trainer if they know how to do this,
    some of the border collie rescue orgs will send a volunteer to help you be sure you are bringing home a balanced dog(not shy nor dog-aggressive), assisting so that there will be one less homeless border collie out there waiting and hoping someone will give him a chance.
    There's lots of ppl who can help you "temp test" a dog, if you are interested in this, or if you are unsure how to detect a shy dog or a dog-aggressive dog.

    but most dogs in dog pounds, or rescues, are perfectly awesome lil beings, there through no fault of their own,
    lost and no one came for him,
    dumped by somebody,
    turned in cuz ppl couldn't afford to feed it anymore,
    ppl move and leave their dog behind,
    owner dies,
    new boyfriend didn't like dog,
    dog was found as a stray,
    new wife is allergic,
    many many ways for awesome dogs to end up in the dog pound..
    the vast bulk of them perfectly lovely dogs just hoping someone gives them a chance.


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  12. fly30 Experienced Member

    For people living in Belgium, Switzerland, France and nearby countries, we (some French and Belgium people) are currently putting together an association which aims to help border collies owners to have a better relationship with this ever so special dog and help rescue border collies find a new home (and many other things related to border collies).
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  13. dogcrazy Experienced Member

    Thank you, thank you for the detailed post tigerlily. Some people have amazing dogs and they end up in pounds. Even the dog that played in Harry Potter ended up in a pound
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  14. Pawbla Experienced Member

    Really, how cute can these dogs get? They are one of my favorite breeds, but their energy levels are waaaay over me! My aunt has a female border collie and she is totally obsessive, she never stops!
  15. Chardogs Active Member

    I love Border collies when i am old enough to get a dog of my own bc all the way. I am mesmorised by them every time i see one i fall in love <3:p
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  16. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Chardog, do research the breed, they are not for everyone, nor every home!
    This breed is notorious for being DESTRUCTIVE if they get bored enough. This breed has to get both mental and physical exercise daily.
    This breed is NOT a great pick if you are going to be in college, doing finals for days on end, working a fulltime job so dog is home along 40+ hours per week, going out with friends a lot, studying, being on computer, live in a dorm or apt, etc. This breed doesn't want to sit and watch tv (unless he has had enough exercise that day).
    i'm just sayin...

    .......research the breed, read everything you can on border collies prior to taking one home....
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  17. madeleine Experienced Member

    And that counts for a lot of working dogs....
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  18. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    True enough, many dogs NEED exercise and stimulation, but, not all working breeds are as likely to be destructive as border collies are.
    Some breeds,
    even though they need tons of exercise, *can* tolerate boredom a little more gracefully than a border collie can. :rolleyes: BCs just can't take it, they go nutzzzzzzzz....

    I don't think it is necessarily all BCs need way more exercise, or way more mental stimulation or training,
    i think (imo) many BC are just more likely to be destructive if he DOESN'T get it....whereas another dog might be able to tolerate a bout of boredom a lil more sanely than a BC can....

    Also, this breed is prone to nutty obsessive behaviors, too,:confused: especially if they dont' get enough excercise............they've been bred TO FOCUS for centuries, and wow, when they focus, they reeeeeally focus!!:LOL:

    of course, all dogs ARE unique individuals!!
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  19. Evie Experienced Member

    So so SO true.

    I don't think any amount of reading can actually prepare you for the crazy amounts of energy that these dogs have. But oh my, they're SO MUCH FUN!!! So long as you want your dog to be a true part of the family and joining in on nearly every activity...
  20. MaryK Honored Member

    Loved the video and after reading everything on this post about BC's am more than ever sure that Ra Kismet is a Belgian Shepherd BCX - conformation ears/tail and size looks very BC muzzle doesn't that's a Belgian Shepherd. Energy - DEFINITELY BC - Shepherds do need exercise but nothing like he does. What Tiger Lily said about BC's is very much like his personality, though he does snuggle for a short time. Also he can be 'reserved' at times, I know by the look on his face he's doing a 'Garbo wanna be alone with my own thoughts'. And yes, he's MY boy and follows me around.
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