Boone and his chicks


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I posted a few pix this evening. I thought I would share this one, I thought it was cute. Being chick season here, I picked up two baby turkeys and put them in the brooder. Boone was totally fascinated by them and watched them for hours on end. Here is a photo of took of him watching them. Excuse the dirty glass on the brooder, chicks are messy indeed!


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Very cute. ^^ My boyfriend's Boxer is this way with fish...when we go to Petsmart, the first place he wants to go is to the fish wall, where he shoves his nose against the glass and stares at the fish until we tear him away. Boone seems more the nurturing type though; I think Raider just wants to go fishing. Lol! Cute pic. :dogsmile:


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The retriever blood in my pups would have the chickens feeling very stared at. :) what a cute pic. :dogtongue2: