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    My name is Kelsee Lehman, i am a senior in high school and for my senior project i am attempting to train and certify my dog as a theraputic service dog. We just completed and passed the CGC class. Boomer is a two year old yellow lab he is patient, loving and caring dog. He loves meeting now people! I feel he will do abslutely great in this type of feild, not only will people meeting him love it, he will to! :)
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  3. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Hi and welcome! Congrats on passing your CGC!! (y) And I hope you're successful with your dog - that will be wonderful both for him, and those he comes in contact with, a total win/win. If you have any training questions, please ask - there are lots of talented people on the forum. And please post a picture - we'd love to see your boy!

    One side note - in the future, please use a larger font, it's really hard to read with such a small one. Thanks!
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    Welcome!!!:) Congratulatios on your CGC!!!!! We'd love to see some photos of Boomer!!! :D
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    Welcome to DTA!
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    Welcome to D.T.A.:) Congratulations on passing your CGA!!!!!!!!!:)(y) Please post a pic of Boomer, we just love to see the doggies concerned.
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    Welcome to DTA!!!
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