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Discussion in 'Dog Products' started by paradismutts, Sep 29, 2011.

  1. paradismutts Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone! I am a very active reader, one of my favorite pass times is curling up with a good book. A good book about dogs would be even better. I was wondering if people have read any good dog books recently or in the past. I am looking for any/all and many different types of books, I am very interested in Canine Sports. Tracking, Agility, Canine Freestyle, Rally-O, Flyball and of course Tricks. I am also looking for real life stories about dogs and their owners, any true events. Dog Behavior and other general knowledge dog books. Also fictional is welcome, basically ANY dog book please just suggest your favorite. I am excited to find some new books and hear everyones opinions and reviews. Also in training books, clicker/positive reinforcement is the method I prefer.

  2. laramie Experienced Member

    There was a thread posted about this not too long ago, so I would definitely check that out for more ideas. My personal favorites are

    - It's Me or the Dog by Victoria Stilwell
    - anything by Kyra Sundance
    - The Secret Language of Dogs by Heather Dunphy (my newest book and it's really insightful and interesting)
    - Why is My Dog Doing That by Gwen Bailey

    These are all basic obedience, tricks, and behavior.
  3. Husky heaven Well-Known Member

    I have just been shopping and wanted to share my reviews. I allready have 101 dog tricks by Kyra Sundance which I call my bible and includes tricks from a novise to advanced level. The photos are very clear to follow. I want to do the trick dog performance titles on and decided to buy 10 minute dog training games as some of the listed tricks are in there. It is a very good book and explains the elephant trick and blowing bubbles that are needed for chalenges on this site. It also covers games that teach the basic skills to dogs. My favourite is tying a rope onto a treat and hiding it under the sofa so the dog has to learn how to pull it out. I also bought 101 ways to do more with your dog, by the same author. This is more about the different sports you can do with your dogs and the tricks listed are the same as in the above books. Lots on teaching huskies to pull thing and it also lists the highest and longest jump a dog has made.

    My favourite purchase was a DVd. Teach your dog new tricks by Tina and Chandi. They were finalists on Britains got talent and won the free style and heel work to music at crufts in the same year. The dvd has the full video of their routine, You could find it on you tube if you want an idea of how brilliant they are. There is a bit of talking of their history and then a section on teaching their tricks and training tecniques. They are listed seperatley on the menu so you can repeat each one without having to watch the dvd from the start. Now for the important bit - the list of tricks!
    Marching on the spot.
    Spanish walk
    Flying changes that look like skipping
    Back turn and reverse through your legs
    backwards crawl (moon walk)
    Get your dog to walk in front of you
    Funny walk- Back leg lifts
    Wrap a paw round an umbrella
    Hug an umbrella with both paws
    Ballet -Front feet on a chair and lift each back leg in turn.

    That should keep us quiet for a while!!

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