Boef´s Trick List (+ Video's)


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Of course Boef deserves her own thread containing her tricks. For everybody who is curious about her tricks and progress.
Favorite tricks: head- and pawmovements.

1. figuere 8
2. around an object
3. back-up
4. balance a treat
5. Box
6. Bubble
7. take a bow
8. chill (lay on side)
9. cirkle around me counter-clockwise
10. close cupboard
11. through tunnle
12. cross
13. chin down
14. focus
15. come
16. high-five left
17. high-five right
18. walk through a hoop
19. ladder
20. look left
21. lie down
22. leave it
23. let go
24. out (treibball, 12 hour position behind ball)
25. place
26. go through my legs
27. shake paw left
28. shake paw right
29. push
30. read
31. look right
32. spin a cirkle counter-clockwise
33. shred
34. (head on) lap
35. compliment
36. stand up
37. target
38. the end
39. cirkle around me clockwise
40. touch post-it
41. touch target stick
42. proud
43. spin a cirkle clock-wise
44. between my legs
45. between my legs while moving
46. look up
47. hold it
48. next to me (starting in front of me cirkeling to my left)
49. heel
50. waite
51. waite for food (breakfast/diner)
52. weave
53. sit


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Thank you, it is always funny how Mazzel and Boef both have their own way of doing things :).
You should put up the cue list of Ra Kismet, I'm curious :D
Dogs are very much individuals aren't they each has their own preferences when it comes to training.

Ra Kismet's list is on my 'to do' list, will post as soon as I can find time to do so(y)


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Well I'm not doing anything interesting ;)
But Boef bows and than crosses her paws while bowing (called after a similair trick for horses) :)