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    We currently have four Labrador Retrievers that live in the house with us and is part of our family as our children. We just love them. We Live in Three Rivers, Michigan. Our Labradors have champion bloodlines in each generation going way back with our 12 year old Male Black Lab. We have a 2 year old Female Yellow Lab with Fox Red bloodlines and pure white bloodlines. These are the two that we currently breed. We have a litter coming due any day now. Due date is the 20th of this month. Out of their last litter we kept a Black Female that is 7 months old. We also went and purchased a Fox Red Male Labrador and He is also 7 months old. They are just one week apart in age. Now that we took on the extra dogs I am getting into the dog training and find it a lot of fun. But our Fox Red puppy is a very dominate dog. I have never had nor seen such a strong willed dog. I am having a very hard time with Him. He is getting much better but trys so hard to be the center of atttention and the pack leader. We are struggling with keeping him off the Kitchen Counters, dinning room table, Jumping up on you. If anyone can help it would sure be appreciated. thank you Chloie Lucy rickie.JPG Rickie 2.JPG Rickie.JPG Lucy.JPG 6 month old puppies 14.JPG 6 month old puppies 9.JPG Pugz.JPG Chloie.JPG

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  2. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Hi and welcome! Sounds like you really have your hands full - 4 dogs and a litter on the way, and of the 4, two being puppies, and the 2-yr old isn't much out of puppyhood herself. Yowza! Gorgeous crew, btw!

    As for your one pup being "dominant" - I'd eliminate that word from your vocabulary. To me, he sounds like an exhuberant puppy who most likely has been self-rewarded for his hard work at clearning the kitchen counters and dining room table (yes?), and when jumping up on people he's getting attention (be it good or bad, it's still attention - people saying "Noooo, get down", and pushing him away -- still attention, and he'll take it!). I'd first start working on a good solid "off" and practice and reinforce it constantly when you catch him jumping up to inspect the counter or table. I'd make an extreme effort to keep the kitchen counters "food free" when you're not there and/or "on duty", or even better, don't allow him access to the kitchen - baby gates are wonderful things. When he can no longer practice something, he'll hopefully lose his expertise.

    As for his jumping, he's seeking your attention, not trying to be dominant. When you see him about to lunge up, turn your back on him as quickly as you can. When he's got 4 on the floor for a couple seconds and is calm, reward him, pet him, and praise him. If he again starts to jump (yay! I knew they loved me!!), quietly again stand up and turn around, withdrawing all attention. Once calm, again pet and praise. Rinse, repeat - again, and again, and again, every single time, without fail. He'll get it. You're dealing with a very young dog - altho I know at 7 mos, he's big enough that it's sometimes hard to remember just how young he really is.
  3. MaryK Honored Member

    Welcome, sounds like a wonderful family of doggies!:)

    Jackie has answered your problems perfectly! Great post Jackie! He sounds like someone we both know very well:D Who is now quite the cannine gentleman!;)
  4. boatman442 Member

    thank you so very much. I love what you have contributed and i will implement. I forgot all about a few of the tricks you mentions. The issue with keeping Him Rickie out of the Kitchen is that they have to cross the kitchen to go out the door to due they business or play outdoors. So we figured we could not do that one but we did consider it. We have learned to keep the counters cleaned off but He still likes to get up there and get our wooden spoons and utensil's or just anything shiny metal. He is one of my favorite Kids. I just love Him so so much
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  5. southerngirl Honored Member

    Welcome, your dogs are beautiful. Jackie and MaryK gave you some great advice. What are the dogs names, personalities? I absolutely love Labradors!! Both my dogs Chase 16 and Missy 7 are mixed with Labradors.
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    Yes they gave excellent advice that i will use and implement. My oldest is Male Black Lab " PUGZ " Nicknamed num nuts. We purchased him at 8 weeks old. He was nicknamed that from a close friend of ours that recently passed away. He is very mild and gentle, very very smart, Independant Laid Back. Likes to be huged and kissed. Barks rarely. He like to Play go for walks and rides in our little Red Rider wagon. His Parents, Grandparents, Great Grandparents and all generation on have Won Championship and they are clasified as Champions. If we had been into showing dogs He would be a Champion Himself In a show dog and copanion dog.

    Our Two & half year old Yellow Female " Chloie " Nicknamed honey. We purchased at 6 months old. Is Fun Energentic, Loving, snuggling, Playful, really loves Fetching and going for walks, loves kisses and giving kisses. Very Very Smart, Independant and the Best Mother I have ever seen in a dog. Normal in her Barking. Her father was Pure White & Mother was Chocolate. She has Fox Red bloodlines and siblings. I want to get her Registered as a Service Dog

    Our 7 month old Fox Red Male is " Rickie Ticky " Nicknamed BoZo the Clown. Likes to be loved on. He is so much fun. He like to teeze you into chasing him, and love attention. He loves walks and playing all kinds of games especially fetching and tag. Love attention. Also very very smart and Independent. He also loves Kissing but not into hugging much. He tries to always be first in everything. He is so much fun to play with and just watching the things he does. Barks very little. Mother was Pure White & Father was Dark Fox Red. I have been interested in getting him dual register as AKC & UKC and try out going to dog show's with him. I am disabled & it has always been an interest of mine but i am still unsure of doing this. Being Disabled I want to get him registered as a Service Dog. We have got him somewhat trained to bring mom or dad something if we tell him to take it to mom or dad and he is starting to do this. Im so happy and Proud of Him

    Our 7 month old Black Female is " Miss Lucy " Nicknamed Lucy. She is a Lover,She playful but also has an attitude. she likes to be sneaky with all the toys by taking them all upstairs to keep them away from the other dogs. She Loves to sit on lap or next to you on her butt just like a Human, kicks back and wants you to Rub her chest and Belly. she is so crazy and loving. She loves hugging, snuggling, kissing, laying down right next to you. She is so much like her dad its not funny, but yet has characters of her mom as well. Normal in Barking. Her parents are our Pugz and Chloie. We also want to get Lucy Registered as a Service Dog.

    If anyone has information on places to go for registering service dogs i am interested in hearing about it. I find some online but with ones online i have to be very careful at choosing an offical place.
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  7. boatman442 Member

    I forgot to mention that our Male Black Lab " PUGZ " is 12 years old.
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  8. southerngirl Honored Member

    Wow your dogs sounds like a bunch of sweeties and great companions. I don't know about registering for service dog but Googling it might help. Also if there are any task you wan to teach your dogs but don't know how we will be glad to help you out.
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    what is wrong with giving blueberries to dogs??? Also any idea's how to start training my Rickie to stay off the dinning room table and counter tops. It is hard to keep him out of the kitchen since that is the only door my dogs can use to get outside. He will get up there just to see what he can get. It does not even have to be food. It is wash cloths, towels, silverware, shakers, wooden utensils, paper towels or napkins, ink pens just anything he can get. He will then bring whatever he gets into the rooms where we are at to show us and then he runs off wanting us to chase him. Its funny sometimes and Hularious to think about it but it is true and sometimes frustrating. This is one reason we named him BoZo the Clown if you remember that television show.
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  10. Dogster Honored Member

    Welcome to DTA!!!!:) Your dogs are beautiful, I love labs, they're real sweethearts!!:love: We love puppies around here, and we would really like to see some pictures of the new puppies!!
    Enjoy the site!!!
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  11. sara Moderator

    Nothing wrong with giving blueberries to dogs... their one of Mouse's (one of my Dachshunds) favorite treats! Welcome to the DTA!
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  12. amberriska Active Member

    I live in CA and im training a service dog, all you need to do here is register your dog as a service dog through animal control just like when you get your dog licensed, but its not mandatory. I'm not sure what you would need to do if you wanted to sell your dog as a service dog. I registered my dog at to make things easier, it was free but I don't think you need to. This website has some info but are a bit negative about some thing like getting a vest , you shouldn't have any trouble getting one there are many websites that sell them or you can make your own like I did. I would suggest getting a trainer if your dog isn't very obedient since business are allowed to kick out a service animal that's causing problems. Feel free to ask if you have any more service questions! Good luck, have fun with training!
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    Welcome!! All good stuff here! Blueberries are fine... My Min Pin loves them. ;)
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