blowing bubbles


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I was wanting to teach my dog Kujo how to blow bubbles and I no collieman posted a video on here but now I cant find it. Can anybody help me??:doghuh:


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That's one of the most hiliarous tricks I've ever seen! Thanks for the video link...I like how the owner used "Whoops" instead of "no", as well. I think I'll try this one on Bella as well...I think she'll pick this one up pretty quickly, since she loves sticking her nose in my fish pond. *L*


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I taught Kujo how to do it in only about 45 minutes. He's so smart.
It is a really cool trick and easy for u to train and your dog to learn.
I have showed my parents and my brother and they think it's really cool as well.



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I taught puppy to do it almost with no treat in the water in two short sessions. She's def blowing some hysterical bubbles. One more session and I think she'll have it. If the temps will get about -19 below and zero it would be easier. :) Hoping for a warmer day today. This is not something a floppy lip Golden should do inside. LOL

My shy dog has issues with eating/drinking out of only her bowl. I think this might help her bridge over to using other bowls. She's taking treats out of the glass one now which previously she would not do. We'll go her speed on this one.