Bladder and UI Infections


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Hello all:

Our SD, Bailey ( 4 yr old Cocker Spaniel ) has had 2 very bad Bladder infections since we moved into the apartment in December ( previously lived in a house ). We're wondering if it's got something to do with the fact that since living in an apartment she doesn't get out as often as she did at the house. Could it be a change in the water quality ( although we give her filtered water)? She's been extremely healthy for 4 years, aside for a few ear infections ( long floppy ears ) that we catch quickly and take care of with prescription ear drops from the vet. The first ear infection arose when I was in the hospital for 3 weeks and the people watching her didn't catch on to the fact she was ill, by the time she got to the Vet she had bladder stones from the infection. Recently we noticed symptoms that we thought were indicative of another Bladder infection ... sure enough she's got another one ( no hint of stones this time ) and she's on antibiotics again.

Anyone else have a dog that gets Bladder Infections? Is there something preventative we can do to avoid future problems?

Take care all: Hivin :doghuh:

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My dogs have never had bladder infections so I cannot be of much help. But I am left wondering if she has access to plenty of water, and if she is eating high quality foods.


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Bladder & UI infections


We wondered about the same things when we had her to the Vet. She has a water system that holds about 3 days worth of water at a time and we regularly refresh it ... she seems to be drinking just fine ( wish we could find a way to keep those floppy ears out of the water though ). She get's Science Diet and the Vet did discuss the possibility that the amount of calcium in the food could have contributed to the bladder stones forming. If, we have to take her back to the Vets in a couple of weeks for follow up, she develops stones again then we'll have to look at changing foods. Dreading that though because she's such a finicky eater ... hate changing foods on her.

Thanks for your thoughts, take care: Hivin


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I also have my dogs on science diet but I was recently told that science diet has a lot of calcium and is also not as good for their coat and joints. I'm going to be switching my group to Iams...

That might be a contributor.


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Yes, it may be that she is not getting out as often and is 'holding it in'. Working at boarding kennels, this is a concern we have with dogs that will not toilet in their kennels.
However, I don't really know much else about it - except I have to walk dogs so that don't get a UTI. ;)


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Thanks everyone for the helpful comments and suggestions. I'm trying her out on IAMs now ... she's pretty picky about eating and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she'll decide she likes it ... I wish they sold sample packages so I didn't have to buy this big bag of food and then end up not using it all.

I did come up with an interesting way to make use of the old food we've tried and she won't eat. I use a coffee grinder and pulverize the stuff and then when I make her peanutbutter treats I add the ground up dog food into the dry ingredients ... so her treats actually have dog food in them. I know ... deviously sneaky but hey, it's better than letting all the food go to waste!

I've started taking her out more often too ... but because of my physical disability I can't really walk her when it's slippery outside or I run the risk of falling. We did find an area in the back of our apartment building that is protected from the wind and moisture so, if I use our 30 ft training leash she gets to run around a bit out there ( at least until her master gets too cold and must retreat to warmer settings )

Thanks again everyone: Hivin and HRH Bailey