Birthday wishes to a special member


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I would just like to say Happy Birthday to yvonne . . . .
She has been so helpful in our community that may this greeting warm your heart and may God bless you with more luck,wishes and more birthdays to come.

Again. . . .

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YVONNE!!!!!!!:doglaugh::doglaugh::doglaugh::doglaugh:


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Oh Yvonne I hope you have a great bday. I so enjoy your posts and Dude's newest clever tricks. Eat some cake for me. :doglaugh:


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Oh thanks so much :)

I have had a wonderful day today. I went out with Dude early this morning with my friend and her labradoodle Teddy. They love each other so much. I am going to have to take a video of them together, for you all to see. When they run at full speed they are actually touching bodies so they look like one dog with 2 heads and 8 legs. It is the most amazing thing ever and a wonder they dont trip each other up. They even do over the jumps in sync too. Not that we want them to as Dude is so young but if they see something they can leap over there really is no stopping them.

This afternoon I went out with my son for a nice meal. Its been a while since we spent time together alone catching up, so I was especially pleased.

Once again, thanks for saying Happy Birthday, it means a lot to me you know xx