Beware Of!!


Honored Member is a website that supposedly sells discount dog products that are 75% off regular prices with free shipping. It's a great idea, but they are tricking you with the prices!

Take the Chuck-it Kick Fetch ball as an example. Doggyloot's sale price is $24.00, and they say the retail is $36.00. Doggyloot is tricking you big time, you aren't getting a deal at all, the sale price is more expensive than you could get it from other stores like Petco, CleanRun, Amazon, and a bunch of other sites and stores, or the same. CleanRun has this same ball for sale for $24.00. Now, Amazon has it for sale for $20.00.

I've seen this happen so many times on this website. The 'sale' price is either the same price as retail or a few bucks cheaper. Now, I actually have seen some real sales, so this website does have products that are worth buying, but you should make sure the price is fair first.



Honored Member
Yeah, I think they're like anyplace else that has "sales" - sometimes they are (good deals), and sometimes they're not. I get the emails all the time and I think just like anything else, if you see something from them that you're really interested in, do your homework first, check a few places for prices, and if it's a good deal, then go for it, and if not, then pass it by. Some places get better deals on some things than other places do - so their partipants may be passing along what they get, but they can't beat other places. You just have to keep your eyes open.