Bellas Learning To Put One Pot In Another


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YAY!!!!!!:D That is AWESOME!!!!! It looks like she's trying to adjust the container in her mouth to keep it upright!!!!!:LOL: You've got one smart dog there, Tif!!!!

By the way, where can I get those containers?????:whistle: :ROFLMAO:


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Great job!!!
Don't you just love watching dogs figure things out!!
I'm still looking for those stacking cups. They are pretty expencive in the stores, just need to get to the thriftstore a little more often and see if I can get them over there.
I've been doing this with some of my tupperware(not the real tupperware, cheaper stuff):D


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Ye when i first started teaching her she just kept throwing it about all the time lol, but she really seems to get the idea its easier to get it in if you don't throw it lol. I was wondering if the pots might be too small but she seems alright now with getting it in.
It was like i said from a cheap £1 shop baby section.


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Thanks Lisa, but I just talked to my mum. She will be going to some relatives who's kids have grown up. They told her I could have them. So I'll just have to be patient a bit and then I'll heve them for free:D
But I appreciate the offer!!