been awhile


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hi everyone

its been so long since ive been on here and checked everything out, ive been busy working and hanging with the dogs since its summer over here, im not nside that often, if im not at work im at the beach playing with the dogs, or away with speedway stuff

koda loves swimming she chases the waves and quite often gets hammered by the next wave cause shes biting the first wave, she has to stay on her long lead, as ive found she aparently has no ears when she at the beach, ive done the mental work and training down there but once she gets 5metres away she turns and looks as if to say, "

i know your talking to me but i dont want to listen im going to go have fun even if you leave me ill be right here when you get back or i might go for a swim"

and her going for a swim is like taking a olympic swimmer, she just heads out with no turning back, i was shoulder deep when i caught up with her, so she can now only go as far as her lead will take her, whic is far enough.

storm, has been good just running him and fine tuning his obedience and tricks so i can ask from afar and he'll do them, i have worked on hand signals so he can see, he can now sit, down, rollover, mat, (some agility work) about 20metres away from me, which is a great acheivement for him as he doesnt like to be far away from me, he likes to stay conected to my leg at all times

one sad problem i have is storm ate rat bait last monday, i managed to grab the last peice out of his mouth so it was a rush ride to the vet, they gave him this stuff in his eye which made him spew, he didnt want to though lol but in the end couldnt hold onto it anymore, then 2 jabs full of vitamin K, and we were sent home with a large sum of pills and a large vet bill, (gotta love dogs, he never goes to the vet but when he does its emergency callout and on a public holiday) but thats ok as long as he gets better is all care about
well weve got to go back and get more pills he'll be on them for 3weeks and then we'll take bloods from him to see if there is still poison in his system and treat him from there , hopefully he'll be al better and no bad side effects from the poison, he has perked up from the other day but is still a little quiet, hes getting really annoyed as im taking koda everywhere and hes staying at home, (he has to be on bed rest, vets orders)

well i look forward to getting back here and catching up with what everyone else has been up to and what there doing with there pups

form penny storm and koda


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Goodness Storm sure is accident prone! I had a horse like that once, a constant vet bill, lol!
Best of luck with him and his recovery. :)


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i know hes only been like that since we got koda really must think thats the only way he will get all my attention, but i think i ignore koda alot more than storm