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Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by elissa, Jun 2, 2014.

  1. elissa Well-Known Member

    As you all know, Chewie isn't fond of the bath! It was that time of the month again yesterday and I captured this video of her reactio to the words 'Bath time' Bwhahahaha....

  2. running_dog Honored Member

    LOL poor Chewie, couldn't you use some counter conditioning to make her like bath times a bit more?
    I've never bathed Zac in all his 8 years with me. He's been hosed a few times, wet brushed a lot, but never bathed. One of the advantages of having a short haired black dog on stilts.
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  3. elissa Well-Known Member

    I have no idea why she doesn't like them! She's never had a bad experience, she's more than happy to get in the shower (without water) and more than happy to get wet (without the shower)!! Combine the two and she acts like Mel Gibson being asked to visit a synagogue!!

    I have to bath her every 3-4 weeks, she has long hair that matts/tangles easily and even with regular bushing it needs conditioner occasionally... Also, she's white and after 3 weeks she starts gettign a yellowish tinge to her coat :(
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  4. 648117 Honored Member

    Poor Chewy having to have a bath.

    I always feel really lucky with Holly and Lewis.
    Holly does get a little dirty sometimes but it only takes 5 mins to brush her which gets rid of most dirt. If she's too bad or starts to smell she is really quick to bath and dry. The only bit she doesn't really like is the bath, she loves being towel dried, she loves the hair dryer and she loves being brushed. And she is really quick to get dry because she has a single coat.
    Lewis on the other hand is a pain to bath because he takes a very long time to get dry with the hair dryer (fluffy double coat) but he is very patient about it. However, he is very lucky with his coat because he generally does not need bathed. He doesn't like getting dirty if he can help it and if he does I can just wait for it to dry and most of the dirt magically falls out and then I can just brush the rest out. When it rains the water doesn't get through his top coat so when he gets home from our walk and shakes he is magically dry. He's pretty non-stick. This is as dirty as he gets:
    He didn't even need a bath after that outing.

    Skye is a completely different story. She has a curly white coat so every bit of mud sticks and cannot be brushed out very easily. Even if she just gets rained on her coat gets really yuck because it tightens up all the curls which causes knots. She loves to get muddy though and it is pretty unavoidable if she goes to the park for fetch. She has basically put me off owning a white curly coated breed (I had been thinking about standard poodles before we got her, but not now). This was Skye after the same outing as Lewis:
    That's relatively clean for her :LOL:
    She also gets discoloured and turns a bit yellow after a while, especially her face due to the tear staining.
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  5. elissa Well-Known Member

    Ugggh, I know what you mean. I wouldn't be without her but I do wish she was less high maintenance with all the coat. She's not too bad at the moment as it's warmer so she's had a trim and she's shed her undercoat (don't even get me started on that! Suffice to say, my mainly black wardrobe hates me) - But in the winter when it's thicker she's a nightmare! Daily brushing and de-tangling baths once a fortnight :rolleyes:

    What breed is Lewis? Looking to get a playmate for Chewie and he is just adorable!
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  6. MaryK Honored Member

    Poor Chewie:( If it's any consolation Chewie, you have a 'forum friend' here, Leaf behaves exactly the same way, runs of and hides! And the poor love needs a bath once a week!:eek: Not because she get's dirty. Heaven forbid a smidgeon a mud should soil her beautiful black coat:rolleyes: But she suffers from allergies and the only way to control them, drug free, is with a weekly bath.

    Once in the bath, she has the same look as Chewie, except she's short coated, but the expression is just the same. "How could you do this to your BFF?" "I'm reporting you to the Cruelty to Animals organization, they'll make you mend your cruel ways!"
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  7. MaryK Honored Member

    "6" Holly sounds like a dream dog to bath. I cannot blow dry Leaf, brings up her allergies again making bath time a waste of time. But fortunately she's short coated with no under coat!

    With Poodles, they're actually not that bad to bath/groom. Their coat doesn't go too tight when wet. The biggest thing with them is the expense at the Beauty Saloon.

    Lewis looks so dapper even with a little mud on him. Like he's not about to get down and dirty at all.

    LOL oh the blow drying, think on this, my friend has an Afghan who loves bath time. My friend came home late after her performance and decided she needed a bubble bath! Went into her bedroom (it's en suite) after running her bath, heard a gentle plop and there was Aquila, lazing back very comfortable in her bubble bath! It only took her a mere two hours to completely blow dry him, at 3.a.m. in the morning! He's adult and has the longest of long Afghan coats.
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  8. southerngirl Honored Member

    Aww poor Chewie. She looks so sad.
    She reminds me off my Missy who hides at any sign that she is getting a bath. Missy actually bit me, not hard when I went to pick her up to take her to the bathroom. Piper my other dog will lay down and make herself fell like a ton of bricks at fifty pounds she's already heavy.
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  9. elissa Well-Known Member

    This gave me a mental image that actually made me snort red wine out of my nose!! :LOL:
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  10. MaryK Honored Member

    Conjured up some very interesting images in my mind too when she told me:LOL:
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  11. 648117 Honored Member

    We got Lewis when he was already 3 1/2 years old so we can't know 100% what he is. But, when we got him we were told that he is a pure bred pomeranian, and the petshop he originally came from said the same (we tracked down the petshop that sold him to a puppy farm, that puppy farm bred him and then eventually sold him on to the family that we got him off).
    However, there are a few reasons to doubt that claim.
    The first is his size. He weighs 6kg, poms are meant to be 1.5-3kg. Although if you look them up there are instances of larger ones as the breed was originally larger. So he could still be a pom based on this.
    Secondly, his coat is actually not as "full" as a normal pom, he doesn't have the normal round-ness. The fur on his back doesn't stick straight up.
    Third is his colour. I've spoken to a couple of people who have said that here (in NZ) you would not get a Parti coloured pom (although they do come in this colour).

    So at the moment the best guess is Pom X larger spitz (german spitz? - they come in three sizes) or Pom X Papillon, PomXPap would explain the colour.
    But then he could just be non-standard Pom. Who knows?

    He does get admired a lot. The people at agility and obedience think he looks like a miniature border collie :LOL: . But based on his temperament he is definitely a Spitz.
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  12. JazzyandVeronica Honored Member

    Oh Poor Chewie!! And that certainly looks familiar.

    V. has to have weekly baths because if her allergies, and she likes them just as much!

    She also runs for her that's going to save her :rolleyes:; although granted it is harder to pry a 50 pound dog who is imitating a sack of potatoes out of a crate.

    I have tried the whole treat routine and I can't think of what I can do to make it more pleasant for her...I get in the tub with her and always check the water temperature, I never get soap in her eyes or water in her ears, she gets her bully stick afterwards...she's just not drinkin' the koolaid...she doesn't like it and nothing is going to convince her otherwise. :p
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  13. elissa Well-Known Member

    I feel your pain!!!
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  14. MaryK Honored Member

    There's definitely telepathy between Veronica and Leaf!:rolleyes: Leaf has to have a weekly bath for the same reason, allergies and she doesn't like it either!

    Have to admit though, 14 kilos of dog is MUCH easier to extricate from whatever or wherever she's hidden herself than 50 lbs of Pitt Bull! At least I can, with dignity, carry Ms. Leaf to the torture chamber! And she gets a treat afterwards but it doesn't seem to ease her pain!

    I just know the pair are considering emailing Animal Protection Societies about cruelty to highly intelligent animals!:eek:
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