Barking After Relieving Herself


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I totally understand, I'd be just the same. That's a shock loosing both your dogs within 30 days of each other and yes, vet's do feel it very much too. I've had two vets who have had a wee cry, they do get attached to your dogs. Wonderful to have had the same vet for so long.

LOVE the pictures of her with her lamb, just too cute for words.:love:

LOL OMD!!!!!! Would love to hear her snore, sounds like it's right of the decibels levels:LOL: It is a wonder how one so small can produce so much noise, all while peacefully sleeping herself.:rolleyes:;)

Oh what a sweetie to ask to use her piddle pad. She's a very smart little lassie(y) And then slept the night through, much better for both of you.

She's got quite a list of A listers:D(y) That's grand that she's socializing and having fun visiting. Bet she gets so spoiled too!

Of course, that's what we do with little puppies (or big puppies) baby them, they are such sweet, funny, loving little souls and don't stay puppies all that long:love: I always spoil my puppies and LOL carry on spoiling them even when they're in their golden years.

But isn't it lovely to be so loved in return:love: They are so worth all the spoiling, babying and loving, as they give back a thousand times over what we give to them.