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I was playing and wrestling with my two dogs when Bonnie got a little too excited, and I decided to have a little time out. So I asked for a sit, and while Joe immediately responded correctly, she ignored me completely. I realized that I had never trained anything with the dogs while I was lying flat on the floor! So back I went to basic training. I had already done training when I was standing, sitting in a chair, and kneeling, but never lying flat on the floor. An oversight on my part, which is now being corrected.

Just thought I’d pass on a reminder to do training from all sort of positions, and not just standing, sitting and kneeling. Have fun! :dogsmile:


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Sorry if I wasn't clear. What I mean is the position that the owner is in when giving a command to the dog. Many people only train when they are standing near their dogs. Then it is very possible that the dog will pick up on body language instead of the actual hand signal or word. For example, if you tend to slightly lean forward and bend over your dog when giving a sit command, then the dog might actually be obeying your leaning and bending body position as opposed to your hand sign or the word itself. Or you might raise an eyebrow without realising it every time you give a down command. Thus the dog might actually think that a raised eyebrow means "down"!

By placing yourself in various positions, you are ensuring that the dog learns the hand sign and word, rather to reacting to any changes in your posture or facial expressions.

Let me know if I'm still not being clear enough :dogsmile:


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i get what you mean bipa, i was lying on my back the other day and storm came up and licked me i told him to back up and lie down, but do you think he listened to me,


he just gave me a face, neck and arm shower so im now in the process of training him to listen to me too, whatever position im in