Awesome site!


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Just found this site, absolutaly had to join.

CONGRADULATIONS to all whom are responsible for this. And, we all know, members keep it all going, on that note, congradulations to you's as well!

Intro; Myself, early 30's without children, single. Like most, all of you :), I am absolutely in love with my four legged daughter. She just turned 1 on march 5th. She's only my 2nd dog (xcept for the family dogs growing up), she was training me quite well at first. lol. She's a black standard poodle.

I'm thankful that I can bring her to work with me.

I've watched and practiced from DVD's on dog tricks yet,,,there has to be more. (she failed miserably at the "shy" bit-she walked around the house with a sticky note for 5mins. lol. I'll try that one again in a few months. There's more to that story, but, this is intro.) Seems like this site, has WAY more than what DVD's has to offer. The support/opinions (all dogs, aren't born trained like the dvd's. lol), possibly, hopefuly, friendship.

(pardon my english-i'm french speaking)

Jean Cote

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:welcome: to the Academy! The benefit of coming here over watching DVDs is the support. Most of the time things don't go according to plan and you need to try a different method.

Like the shy, tape might not annoy your dog enough to get her to paw it off, but have you tried one of those wood clips to hang clothes outside? Your dog has long hair so it should be easy to just clip it on there, see what she does. I don't think she'll like to walk around with a big clip on her nose. :dogsmile:

The website is growing, expanding but far from finished. I am working very hard to write new lessons as much as possible, some coming out next week in time for the new April training challenges. :)

Anyhow, glad to have you onboard! Have fun training your dog!!!!!!!


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Thanks Jean,

I would of never thought of that! Rest assure, I'll try that!

Sure beats what I tried, lol. (no pain was given to my pup at the time. Just lots of laughter.)


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Hi Brihanna,
Welcome to the Academy! You are indeed lucky to be able to take your dog to work with you. You must live and work in a dog friendly environment.