Attention All Members!


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Some of you may have noticed that there has been a big boom of spammers around here. The staff members are trying to keep up, but there is a lot and sometimes we might miss it or not see it at all. SO, I'm asking for the help of all of you. If you see spam anywhere on the website, or even suspect that something may be spam, drop me a message.

(STAFF MEMBERS: ***If you are willing to accept messages of this nature alerting you of spam to delete, please reply to this thread saying that you too can be sent messages from members spotting spam.)

Again, for the time being please only send these messages to me, as I do not want to inadvertently flood other staff member's inboxes without their consent.
We have never had this big of an issue with spam, but here lately there is a looooot floating around. So if you could all give us a hand finding this spam, we will take care of it!! You can ALSO report the message by clicking on the red and white triangle with the ! in it. This icon is located on the right side of the orange bar at the top of the message box. Thank you very much!

Please be on the lookout for spam. I've deleted 15 messages TODAY alone! Geez, so much spam! It's ridiculous. I'm sure there's lots that I have missed, so just be aware that there are spammers here flooding the boards with their junk. Ugh. Again, if you are willing to accept messages from members who have found spam, please reply to this thread. If not, no biggie. :dogsmile: Simply drop me a message if you find some!

Thanks everyone, and happy clicking! :doglaugh:


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Thanks from me too - there was so much, I had even quit checking the forum for a while, I was sick of seeing it all. Ugh. Thanks again....