Atlas Has Made So Much Progress!


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in preparation for all of the family-visiting that goes on during the holiday season, all of our training sessions for about 2 weeks before Thanksgiving focused on stay and remaining calm when greeting people. Atlas has always gotten overly excited when greeting anyone, and around anyone he doesn't see regularly, he completely forgets what "stay" means.

well, I'm happy to say, all of our hard work paid off! at Thanksgiving, he greeted everyone with all four paws on the floor! he also stayed very nicely when told, even when people were coming in and out of the door. :D

I knew the REAL test, however, would be when we came down to stay with a friend of mine for a while (where we are right now.) I knew her niece and nephew would be over the night we arrived, and most of the next day. now, I hadn't done any work with him and staying calm around children, so I was a tad nervous. Atlas LOVES kids, a little too much. he likes to show his love by knocking them over and licking their faces, or chasing them around the house and accidentally scratching them.

at first, I kept him on his lead and put him in a down-stay as soon as we came in the door. the kids both ran to greet me, and, before I could ask them not to, Atlas. to my surprise (and joy!!), he laid there calmly while they pet him!!!!! so I took him off of his lead and he basically ignored the children the entire time they were here!

I am SO. PROUD. of my boy! :ROFLMAO:


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That's awesome!!! I had a bouvier that was so hard bodied I was always afraid she would flatten some poor child in her enthusiasm! I know what kind of work goes into that outcome... I'm amazed! What a pay off for you!